Things that Make a Mysore Tour Fulfilling

Everyone loves to explore new places and if you are a travel-fanatic like I am, covering the globe must be in your bucket list. But before heading to a new place, one must know about the key attractions of that place so that one is prepared and looking forward to the tour. That’s why we bring to you 3 most important things to do in Mysore so that you are ready for your next trip. Here we go!


1. Enjoy The Royal Vibe At Its Palaces

Some spots in a city are bound to be visited because they make the city what it is! While Mysore has a lot of glorious palaces like Jaganmohan Palace and Lalitha Mahal which should be visited, the eponymous Mysore Palace is the heart and soul of the city! That is probably why a Mysore city tour is incomplete without visiting this marvel. But if you wish to make the most of this site, visit at night when the palace is lit up with innumerable light bulbs making it a sight to behold.Read More:- A Trip From Bangalore To Mysore- Everything You Must Know

2. Take A Soothing Escape To Mysore’s Religious Shrines

Another enchanting aspect of a Mysore sightseeing tour is its exquisite temples and churches. If you want to see the architectural glory of India along with a divine aura, you must visit the Chamundeshwari Temple and St. Philomena’s Cathedral and see how various religious sites stand tall harmoniously in this city.

3. Eat And Shop To Your Heart’s Content

Finally, a tour cannot come to a satisfying end without exploring the local markets where you get to buy amazing souvenirs and get a taste of the authentic flavours of the city. Since Mysore is known for its silk, you must explore the silk shops here and buy a saree or two. As for food, a palatable lunch consisting of local treats like Idli, Dosa, and Vangi Baath must be followed by feasting on Mysore Pak which is the most famous sweet from Mysore!

After knowing about all these fun activities, I am sure you would want to Book Mysore tour packages. So, go ahead as a wonderful tour awaits you!



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