Tibetan Festival

There are numerous grand festivals held in Tibet every year, especially in the peak tourist season. The days of celebration are varied differently. Some festivals may last one or two days, such as Butter Lamp Festival, Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival, etc. While some may last at least one week, such as Tibetan New Year Festival (Losar), Saga Dawa Festival, Shonton Festival, Horse Racing Fair and Archery Festival, Bathing Festival of Tibet, Bumper Harvest Festival, etc.

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There are two convenient ways to take flights to Tibet from Bangkok.


Since there is no direct flight from Thailand to Tibet, You can travel to Tibet via Kathmandu, the only country that operated direct flights to Tibet. Flights from Bangkok to Kathmandu run several times a day and cost for about $510 for a one-way ticket of the economy class cabin. And it will take about half-past 3 hours from Bangkok to Kathmandu. Meanwhile, there are two direct flights from Kathmandu to Tibet and several connecting flights to Tibet from Kathmandu. Taking a direct flight from Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu to Lhasa Gonga International airport will take about 2 hours and cost $484 for a one-way ticket of the economy class cabin.


As the most popular gateway to Tibet, taking flights from Bangkok to Chengdu and transfer from Chengdu to Tibet is definitely a great idea. The journey from Bangkok to Chengdu will take about 3 hours and cost about $524 for a one-way ticket of the economy class cabin. In Chengdu, there are more than 10 flights to Lhasa and other cities of Tibet which makes it easy for you to arrive at your destinations.


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