What to do in Playa del Carmen?

It is no secret to anyone that Playa del Carmen is one of the most desirable beaches for tourists around the world, but many do not know what to do there, so I bring you a couple of options to enjoy this magical destination to the fullest, but above all , I ask you, I almost beg you, do not stop going to the cenotes, they are magical places …


Ek Balam is an impressive and impressive archeological site. Entering it has a Mayan arch and a series of temples that are really incredible to see, it has beautiful stelae and finally there is the acropolis, a huge building that has a sculpted entrance in the shape of a jaguar mouth and is very ornate, in an impressive conservation stadium, the view from the top of the acropolis is also beautiful.


It is a fairly long street full of shops of all kinds, and is the heart of the city. Ideal for touring at night, eat something in its delicious restaurants, dance a little, drink some cocks (beers), and why not, shop (for those who like it).

This restaurant pictured above was impressive, I recommend them. The chef is Thai, with whom I was lucky enough to make a nice relationship with him, and I tell them that even in Thailand I had eaten something more delicious, do not stop going … 


For me it is one of the most beautiful cenotes, and is only 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen. It is not that big, but the truth is that it is a magical place.

It has a lot of vegetation and the water is completely crystalline, with a part where you can dive or dive, and dive into the internal caves that the place has. In addition, it is attended by native people, who even know how to speak the indigenous language of their ancestors, it was very nice when I sat down to chat with them …


Coba is one of the “few known” sites, but thanks to that, it has a special charm. To begin with, it has the tallest construction made by the Maya, a huge 42-meter pyramid to which you can climb and appreciate the beautiful view. The place is quite wild and hot.

I recommend you take the guided tour as it has very good stories to tell and the posters do not have much information. The route is quite long, so if you are lazy on the walk, or are on a short time, I recommend you rent a bicycle, or get on the “pedal taxis”. They are about 2 kilometers to the main pyramid.


It is an incredible cave flooded with more than 67 kilometers of underground routes (the name of two eyes is because there are 2 cenotes that are seen outside, with a very intense aquamarine lighting), and maximum depths of up to 120 meters, so it is a place so well known in the world of diving, considered one of the 10 longest underground caves in the world.

As you can see it is a perfect place to relax, and recharge your energy. Without a doubt it is my favorite cenote of the entire Riviera Maya!

This is one of the cenotes where you can practice Diving in the Riviera Maya.


Some wonders of nature. Two impressive caverns and the best thing is that you can bathe in its waters a little cold for what is the temperature of the sea on the beach, but amazing. There is a cave where the water is crystal clear and it’s like being looking at a mirror, beautiful place!

Well travelers, these are some of my suggestions of what to do in Playa del Carmen, I hope you will be very helpful to enjoy this next trip to this wonderful place, full of magic and history.


What do you think?

Written by joaquin Velazquez

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