5 Must-Visit Spots in a Mumbai City Tour

The City of Dreams is full of some of the dreamiest and stunning places that will make you fall in love with Mumbai. If you are planning to go on a Mumbai tour, you must have prepared a list of all the major sightseeing spots. If you haven’t done that, here are our favourite fives that we can totally vouch for and you should definitely give visiting them a try. And if you have made a list, don’t forget to add our favourites to the list because they sure are super interesting. See for yourself!


Dharavi Slums

There’s a reason why the Dharavi slums tour is quickly becoming one of the most popular tour packages in India. People love to visit the largest slums in Asia and see its inhabitants carrying out small scale businesses and making a living for themselves. The tour is fascinating as you get to interact with the locals and be a part of the lively and vibrant atmosphere.

Gateway of India

You can’t just visit a city and return without seeing its best masterpiece! Whenever one talks about a Mumbai city tour, one definitely talks about the magnificent Gateway of India. This enormous and stunning archway was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India and has ever since been a symbol of ceremonial entrance to the city. Its Indo-Saracenic style of architecture accentuates its splendour and makes it a sight to behold.  


 Visiting the largest open-air laundry is definitely one of the most interesting things to do in Mumbai. Once you enter the place you will be fascinated to see how the washerwomen carry out the task of washing clothes and preparing them for delivery and that too at an astonishingly affordable price. Moreover, the fact that women rule the place and exceed the men in number by a vast degree is a beautiful signifier of women empowerment. If you are interested in exploring the deeper and more real marvels of the city than the ones that shine bright evidently, this is the place to be! 

Haji Ali

 The widely-renowned Haji Ali Durgah is one of the most significant places to visit in Mumbai. Both a tomb and a mosque, Haji Ali is visited by people from all over the world to seek the divine blessings. It is situated in the middle of the ocean where the shroud of Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari rested after his death. Its Indo-Islamic architecture and the legends of the holy saint is what make the place so famous and a must-visit spot.

Chowpatty Beach

This is a no brainer! The beaches of Mumbai are a massive attraction and Chowpatty happens to be one of the most vibrant ones. Day tours in Mumbai are incomplete without spending your evening at Chowpatty, savouring the lip-smacking street food and watching the sun go down.



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