Icelandair Cancellation Policy 24 hours and Refund Policy

Write about the 24-hour cancellation policy and the refund policy of Icelandair

Situations can change and so are the plans. The passengers book their flight and sudden changes in their plan can threaten them as all they think about at that time is the money loss. But if you will be familiar with the cancelation and the refund policy, this will let you come out of this situation.

Icelandair Cancellation policy:

  • The passengers, if canceling their ticket within 24 hours of the date of purchase, will not need to pay any cancelation charges.
  • The cancelation policy with no charge will also be applicable if the reservations will be made more than 7 days before the date of departure.
  • The booking should include flights to/from the US. and the ticket should be purchased from the U.S website of Iceland Air in USD.

Icelandair Refund policy:

  • The passengers will be eligible for the refund on the bases of the fare purchased by them.
  • If the cancelation of the ticket is due to schedule change or medical reason.
  • If the ticket is purchased from the third party, then the relevant vendor must be contacted.

So, this was the Icelandair cancellation policy and refund policy. This can be explained well by customer care agents. Also, they are available 24*7 so if you face any issue, you can contact them.


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