How to book Aeromexico with points

The booking procedure for Aeromexico award flight

Digging holes in the pocket by paying heavy amounts to book flight tickets at times can be a bit expensive but at the same time, it also helps you to reach the destination on time. But now suppose, if any airline offers you flight free of cost or an upper class at a highly low price without any discount. Such low priced flights are available under Award Flight Scheme. Award flights are provided by most of the airlines once in a blue moon to passengers who can’t afford to pay for expensive flights from their own pockets.

What is the Aeromexico award flight?

One such airline offering award flights is Mexico based Aeromexico Airlines. If you have traveled enough by Aeromexico Airline then you can easily earn travel points on every trip you take. And once you have collected enough points, you can use it for paying for your flight following Aeromexico Reservations policies. There are many ways of earning reward points to book flight, such as flight reservations, shopping on travel card or booking hotels and rental cars.

How to book Aeromexico Reward flight?

  • There is no online booking scheme for reward flights. You can book award tickets on the phone.
  • Call on the reservation number
  • Provide with booking information like date, destination, and time
  • Mention if you want to make break journey or round trip

And you are done. For any doubt, kindly contact customer support


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