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Hire Tempo traveller Hire for Outstation Tours from Delhi

Tempo traveller rental service in delhi – Delhi being the National Capital of India most of the tourist and trains from all parts of the country are being routed to New Delhi.

From Delhi people visit to various Hill Station and Cultural Places around the neighboring states and hire tempo traveller in delhi. Travellers come with their family members for tours and plan their itenary accordingly. So as a starting point New Delhi many people prefer to travel by road and for the same. As the number of travellers increase the requirement to hire a tempo traveller is introduced and for a tour which begins from New Delhi by Tempo Traveller takes you to the tour which you have planned to visit.

Our Tempo Traveller Delhi to any part of india can be hired and used for tours with families and friends. If you wish to hire a 9 Seater Tempo traveller it is good for small families. A 12 Seater tempo traveller can be hired for families with size below 12 including childrens and the third type of tempo traveller which is 15 seater tempo traveller is best for the total number of family member 15. More details about all these three types of tempo traveller which you can rent from us in delhi is mentioned below in the post.

A Tempo Traveller is bigger in size than any car which you prefer to hire for your tour and has 3 varinats according to the seating capacity these three variants can be hired for the tour from delhi. The Three variants are which you can hire for your tours follows as

9 Seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi – Beautifully designed for long journeys when you hire this 9 seater tempo traveller you will feel the luxury as this traveller named 9 seater tempo traveller there total 9 passengers can sit in this vehicle. If the number of traveller is below 9 people they can also use this vehicle for tours. Tempo traveller 9 seater is basically hired for more luxury than innova car as the leg space is more between the seats. The vehicle is fitted with Music system for enjoyment during the journey and also a LCD screen is there to watch movies and video songs during the tour. A 9 seater tempo traveller can be rented for a tour from Delhi to Manali. Manali being the popular hill station in India this is the place famous for hills and must visit destination if you want to view the snow. A tour can be conducted by tempo traveller from delhi to manali by a 9 seater tempo traveller.

12 Seater Tempo Traveller in Delhi – A 12 seater tempo traveller has much more seats as compared with 9 seater tempo traveller this 12 seater tempo traveller you can rent for your tours from Delhi to any outstation destination which you have added in your tour plan. Again this 12 seater tempo traveller has ample leg space with music system in the vehicle for the joy during the tour. If the number of travellers are below 12 they can sit in this 12 seater tempo traveller. The size of 9 seater tempo traveller as compared with a 12 seater tempo traveller is same whereas the 15 seater tempo traveller size is quite bigger than both the above mentioned tempo travellers. We also provide tempo traveller for tours from Gurgaon and a 12 seater tempo traveller can be hired in Gurgaon also. You can know more details about a 12 seater tempo traveller by clicking here.

 15 Seater Tempo Traveller Hire  in Delhi – 15 Seater tempo traveller as its name says can accomodate 15 people in the vehicle. If number of traveller are below 15 can also sit in this 15 seater tempo traveller. Some about 4 Families travelling together can use this 15 seater tempo traveller. As compared the size is bigger of this vehicle so you don’t have to worry about the leg space  . Here are details by which you can know the difference between the three types of tempo traveller.

Our company is best rated by travellers for service provided for tempo traveller on rent in delhi, You can contact us at and if you wish to contact us via phone you can call us at +91 9268881119.


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Hello guy My name is simran I am a travel agent if you want to make a very fantastic tour at the budget price and main thing if you only want to hire the Tempo in various cities . so I have a good news for you 

 just simple open this link for contacting and checking out the tour package and also rates of tempo  This agency provides very good services to the tourist, here are the city where you can hire the tempo and taxi

Tempo traveller hire in Delhi from the Delhi you can hore the tempo traveller for a better tour and in the both time of period you car hire the tempo traveller on the mentioned websites.


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