Railway restaurant – changing the way people order food during train journeys

Travelling through various modes of transportation like roadways, airways and railways can be long, tiring and time consuming with a compulsion to sit and traverse through the route without access to certain services. Unlike roadways and airways where one can receive certain basic facilities and benefits throughout the travel, one cannot access the same services while traveling through railways.


Indian railways provide services like food, drinks and restrooms which may not prove suitable at certain times.

Apart from all the services provided by railway authorities in a train, Food served to travelers in Indian train journeys is not up to the mark. They may prove to be unhygienic sometimes with various cases of food poisoning and contamination which can affect one’s health and the long run.In order to save their reputation and provide better services to travelers, railway authorities have partnered with various companies who provide excellent and timely food delivery services to rail travelers.

Food on train is a revolutionary concept which has changed the way people traverse through their train journeys. It has completely altered the way one can enjoy their train journeys. It provides an opportunity to train travelers to relish certain delicious food items and dishes ordered from their favorite restaurants. Companies engaged in providing railway restaurant services help travelers to order their favorite dishes and cuisines from their favorite restaurant chain established in every major town and city. An individual just have to log in to its official application, online website or contact their representatives for placing their orders. The food parcel gets delivered to one’s seat number and at the specified platform number provided by traveler in the application or on official website.

One can choose from variety of dishes like vegetarian, non vegetarian, jain thali, Italian, continental, Chinese and everyone’s favorite North and south India cuisines like Punjabi curries, Dosa and Uttapam etc. Dishes can be ordered from one’s favorite restaurant using the services provided by food on train service providers. Major food chain restaurants and eateries collaborate with food on train service providers in order to serve the best dishes to their esteemed customer. An individual just have to share his/her PNR status, train and seat number and platforms at which the food is to be delivered at the entered seat number.

All the dishes and cuisines ordered are served hot and fresh. Moreover, they are prepared using best recipes and ingredients which provide an authentic taste and flavor to the dishes. Delivery of the food packages is prompt and on time without causing any type of inconvenience to the travelers. Well qualified delivery personnel ate appointed by companies to deliver the ordered food packages to customers. They are equipped with necessary transportation facilities and equipments like navigating applications which help in guiding them through the best routes for reaching the entered platform on time. Even if the delivery personnel fails to complete the order and reach the destination on time, deposited money is returned to the customers in their mobile wallets or bank account using which they made the payment.

Railway restaurant is a new and unique concept which requires support from customers for maximum and continuous services.



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Written by Rahul Yadav


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