How to Drive on Long Road Trip


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If you are taking your used car on a long road trip, then you should follow the below-mentioned tips:

Take Sufficient Sleep the Night Before 

You should start by taking adequate sleep the night before. If possible, get at least 7 hours of sleep for two nights before the day of your travel. This will help you be recharged and focus for your long road trip. It is also recommended to start your travel early in the morning instead of after a long and tiring day’s work. You should also not consume alcohol the night before your trip. Taking sufficient sleep will help you stay safe from fatigue which is an important reason for road mishaps.

Check Your Car Thoroughly 

Long trips require your car to be in top condition. You should take your car to a good mechanic for inspection before you start the trip. All essential fluids like engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. should be checked and replenished if needed. You should also check the tyre condition and maintain correct tyre pressure. The battery should also be checked to ensure it has the prescribed electrolyte level and is fully charged for the trip. Other important things to check include brake systems, windshield wipers, steering wheel, etc.

Don’t Go Beyond Your Driving Limits 

Every individual has their own driving limits. You must know how much you can drive in a day and stick to it. There is no point in overstretching in a day and ending up totally exhausted. If you are comfortable driving only 6 hours per day, then you should not drive more than that. It is better to make a night halt instead of driving totally fatigued and ending up losing your concentration. This can compromise your safety and that of other drivers on the road.

Take Frequent Breaks 

You should avoid driving your daily limit at one stretch. It is better to take frequent breaks as it will help you rest and gather back your concertation. If you are driving during summers, the breaks will help your car to cool down also. Ideally, you can consider taking a driving break every 200 km. If you are traveling with people who can drive, then it is better to share the drive as it will not tire you out completely.

Follow Traffic Rules 

When driving on a long road trip, it becomes even more essential for you to follow the traffic rules. You should know the speed limits and not overspeed. Not only will it get you a ticket, it can be dangerous for you too. Avoid distracted driving or driving under the influence of alcohol at all costs. Always use seat belts while driving to be safe.



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