A Globetrotter’s Take on The Things That Must Not be Done at the Airport

Globetrotters are usually the ones that have their hearts out for traveling around the globe, oversees and the continents. And while globetrotters are never leading their normal lives, playing PUBG or eating breakfast, all they really do is travel around the Earth and gulp in tonnes of experiences and lessons. When traveling, airports are the only place that you would come across a hundred times, if trotting around the world is your passion.


Here is a briefing on the top things that must be avoided when in an airport to eliminate the chances of risks and unnecessary harassment.

Do Not Arrive Late

According to experts and all the other frequent travellers, checking into the airport at least an hour before the scheduled flight is the most important part of a journey. Least you might end up missing your flight and making it a worst of experience for other crew members and fellow passengers. This is one of the first things that must be avoided at any cost according to the globetrotter.

Think Twice Before Spraying Bottles Of Perfume And Dabbing Aftershave Lotion

The airplanes are easily the most crammed places, where even the slightest smell can make a hell of a difference. The smell of perfume or even your aftershave lotion makes it an unpleasant experience for your fellow passengers. Going crazy with perfume sprays is one of the most annoying airplane habits that need to stop according to the top globetrotter.

Avoid Asking Directions To A Pilot

When you come across pilots in the airport, in his crisp uniform with trolleys on his hand, there’s a big chance he’s just walking through and is as clueless as you are regarding directions. On asking directions, it becomes a time wastage both for them and yours.

Do Not Carry Sedatives

It is always a tempting idea to carry sedatives on a long flight journey, for a good and relaxed sleep but the globetrotter warns that in taking sedatives might as well turn you incapacitated. When in an airplane, you might be needed to get up as many times your seatmates wish to come out from their seats or at times of emergency.

Yes, you are surely excited to grab your baggage and set out for your holidays, but make sure you keep these tips in mind whenever you are in the airport to avoid falling into problems and chaos. For a good and quality Casablanca airport transfer, you can check with Limofahr. The company is a reliable name in the city and is well-reputed for its luxe car rentals and a comfortable ride to wherever you go.

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