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Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia takes pride in being home to time-old fortresses and glistening skyscrapers that stand alike showroom displays. Thought it is the Ibn Saud Family which is thronged by tourists all throughout the year in the city, there are various other major attractions in Riyadh which are a must-visit before you die.

With so many thrilling to-dos and see in such a gigantic beautiful city, the trip can get quite overwhelming and confusing for the first-timers. Fret not, as we have internet’s most favourite destinations in Riyadh, to simplify your trip and make it memorable.

For the History-Buff in You

A plethora of amusing historical attractions dresses up the city in its full glory. Some of these historical sites are older than Saudi Arabia itself. Ever since the establishment, Riyadh has been Saudi’s heart but there are myriad fortresses and archaeological regions that date back to 1000 years old.

Mazak Fortress- This is one of the most-visited places in Riyadh if you happen to be a history enthusiast. Upon entering the fortress, you would come across an age-old sitting room of Arabian style known as a Diwan, donned with a throne and a complete luxury furnishing.

King Aziz Historical Center- You can tour around the Kind Aziz Historical Centre that doles out an exclusive and historical journey of the city. And or the National Museum which is situated in the heart of the centre.

A Dash of Modernism

Al Faisaliah Tower- Riyadh might be an old city but there is a continuous evolution of state-of-the-art buildings across the capital of Saudi. The Al Faisaliah Tower, for instance, is the fourth largest tower in the city which towers up to 44 floors. You can dine out in some of the finest restaurants or stutter around the mall complex that occupies quite a few numbers of the tower floors.

The Sky Bridge- You can book a taxi in Riyadh and go visit the Sky Bridge at the Kingdom Centre which happens to be Riyadh’s hottest destinations. The bridge actually connects the Kingdom Centre’s dual towers. The visitor takes the speeding elevator to the 50th floor for where they avail the second elevator to step on to the bridge to witness Riyadh’s magical skyline or the gleaming city lights.

Apart from all of this, you must definitely save a day for a shopping spree at Riyadh as no visit to the city has ever been completed sans this. And to conclude the trip on a good note, make sure you try out some of the authentic Arabic cuisines at the street stalls and traveller recommended restaurants in Riyadh.

Concluding here’s hoping you come back with a suitcase full of memories that shall long live in the heart of other enthusiastic travellers besides inspiring blogs and write-ups across the internet.


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