Jazz-up Your Long Riyadh Airport Layover and Make it Worth Memorable

Flight delays and long airport hauls are part of travel disruptions that cannot be avoided. However, what can be done instead to extract the best out of an unforeseen scenario is to rather spend an excellent time at one of the most famous airports-King Khalid International Airport.

Let reading big fat novels and sipping unending cups of coffee take a backseat while you do something interesting and leave behind trails of inspirations for other travellers who might be stuck in the same chapter.

Rejuvenate and Relax at the Plaza Premium Lounge

Situated at the airport itself, this premium lounge offers a relaxing ambiance and a blissful prevailing atmosphere with services that range from comfortable sofas, delicious food and beverages, a refreshing shower facility, good Wi-Fi and access to international magazines and newspapers to keep yourself engaged. The best part of the lounge includes free access for almost all travellers with any ticket classes and airlines.

Explore the Shops of Riyadh Airport

The airport shops look mesmerizingly great and are a must-visit if you are there. While you might not be in a financial state to invest in a Louis Vuitton bag, however, you can definitely pick up some fun and adorable Arabian souvenir that you wish to take back home and keep as a treasured memory.

Eat and Enjoy

The Airport is said to be home to some global restaurant chains like Codon and Pizza Hut. You definitely can spend time devouring on your pizza and watching a movie on your tablet. Or better off, binge-talking strangers and who knows you get to befriend one of the most amazing humans there?

Riyadh Layover: Your Guide

If you happen to arrive late night at the International Airport of Riyadh, you can book a room at the Makaria Airport Hotel, which is a renowned first-grader hotel situated just inside the airport.

However, if you wish to leave the airport and take a short trip across Riyadh, you can access the airport transfer in Riyadh from the International Airport. The airport transfer and the cab rental offices are located just outside the parking lots of the airport. The airport also doles out the advantages of metered cabs and a free shuttle service to the local motels and hotels.

Riyadh Airport is one of those airports where no matter how many hours of layover you might have to do, there is guaranteed fun and ways to keep yourself busy and engaged sans getting bored. Avail all the good things about the airport and come back with a bag full of stories to narrate.


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