What Should You Know About Barcelona’s Taxis?

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Barcelona is a city that is full of artefacts, rich culture, tradition, and modern architecture. With many attractions to visit in Barcelona, getting around the city can become stressful. However, the city has different modes of transportation that you can use, and taxis are one of them.

Taxis are easily available and convenient as they offer door-to-door service to their customers. Here is some information on taxis that ply in the city.

Meter Based Taxis on the City Streets

Local taxis are easily available on the streets of the city. The taxis usually ply on the basic fare price that is allowed in the city. They run on meters that start at the time of your journey and end with your journey.

The drivers are very helpful and usually help their customers with loading and unloading of luggage if needed. However, you should be very careful that you do not eat or drink the taxi and dirty it.

The Taxi Fares Vary from Place to Place

Not all rates are the same for traveling within the city and going out of the city. The taxi fare will depend on the distance you are traveling. Most of the taxis in Barcelona have stickers inside their taxis for the customers to calculate their fare at the end of their journey.

Some of the taxi drivers also prefer taking one-way fare from their customers if the travel is to be made outside the city.

Hiring a Taxi from the Streets

In Barcelona, you can stop the taxis on the streets, but they have some rules to follows. The important rule for any taxi is that the taxi drivers are not allowed to take any other customer within the radius of 50 meters from where he stopped last.

They are also not allowed to stop anywhere on the streets even if requested by the customer. They are meant to stop on the side of the road. Places have been allotted for these taxis for parking.

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