Heading to Jeddah For the First Time? Here’s What You Should Know

If you are one amongst those who are heading to Saudi Arabia for the first time, then you must be impressed by the sparkling seaside of the city. You might have come across all the reviews and blogs of the beautiful city. Or have totally been floored by Jeddah’s sun-soaked location and striking beaches. But here are a few things that you must keep in mind when traveling to Jeddah.

When Must You Plan for Jeddah Visit?

The tropical Jeddah is blanketed by a warm temperature all throughout the year and is mostly dry. The average temperature in Jeddah is mostly 32 Degree Celsius during the summer months and drops down to 20 something during the winter months.

What You Must Know of Visas?

Irrespective of the reason for which you wish to hit Jeddah, each and every visitor is needed to apply for a visa and is required to acquire an entry visa. You would also need a return ticket and a photocopy of your hotel reservation. The fees vary from one country to another, and you might be required to apply for the visa in person at the respectable consular office. Feel free to consult Saudi Arabia’s Royal Embassy for further information.

What Dress Must You Wear?

Men should at all cost avoid wearing shorts except of course at the beach or don jewellery items. As per rule, the local Jeddah women wear hijab and abaya in public places. However, the female tourists are not required to sport an abaya but must wear a scarf that would have their head and hair veiled. And if you wish to wear an abaca, you can, as that would be quite polite to you.

What is expected out of Women Travelers?

While Jeddah is less stringent towards women unlike other Saudi Arabic countries, the women travellers must definitely keep few things in mind.

Solo female travellers must be met by a male at the airport, least their entry might either be delayed or refused.

Women are restricted from driving in Jeddah, so availing car rentals is totally out of the equation. You can choose the Jeddah airport transfer instead.

It is advised that women must not embark on any kind of physical contact with men in public platforms, which also includes business meetings.

With the perfect guidelines in mind, you can actually roam around in Jeddah like a pro, with absolutely nothing to worry about. To tour around safely and smoothly, you can book taxis and Jeddah airport transfer from Limofahr. Limofahr offers exclusive taxi services that make your Jeddah trip hassle-free and comfortable.


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