4 Ways a Fleet Tracking Software means More Than Tracking Your Vehicles

Fleets of all sizes and across varied industries now rely on fleet tracking software to manage their operations whether it is completing work orders or scheduling maintenance. The highly-detailed and accurate data sets help manage and coordinate logistics. They also boost productivity and safety while guaranteeing cost savings. 

Despite this, many fleet managers shy away from fleet tracking software for they consider it too expensive investment for the basic function of tracking vehicles. This article lists the 4 ways a modern fleet tracking software goes beyond real-time tracking of vehicles. 

  1. Enhance driver and vehicle safety

You are accountable for your drivers when on the job. Not just that, you want your employees to be safe. An advanced fleet tracking software enables you to monitor driver behavior on the road. They can be disciplined and given feedback in case of rash driving and speeding. The fleet tracking software allows you to set speed alerts, emergency alerts, and theft alerts. Thus, it helps improve the overall safety of drivers and the fleet. A lower rate of accidents also means less spending caused by vehicle damage and settlements. 

  1. Tracking fuel consumption and misuse

Expenditure on fuel is an important expense in the fleet business. And if the fuel is being misused, it is a major loss.  Fleet tracking software includes a fuel module for greater transparency in fuel consumption. By integrating fuel cards into the software, one can compile and analyze data on the fuel prices and taxes over a period of time, fuel spending and usage per vehicle and fuel fill-up locations. You can also keep an eye on fuel wasting behaviors such as unauthorized purchases or vehicle idling. These practices can help increase fuel efficiency and give you more control over fuel expenditure. 

  1. Reduces downtime with preventive maintenance

Even a single vehicle out of operation can disrupt schedules and work orders. This impacts the productivity of your business. Pre-emptive maintenance preserves the health of your fleet.  Fleet tracking software connected to vehicle systems automatically gathers data related to vehicle usage and wear and tear. Analysis and reports warn managers of problems, enabling them to take action before it develops into something major. They test, repair, adjust, refill, and replace during routine checks and inspections. 

They also keep track of previous service schedules; thus, they know exactly when the next maintenance is due and send out notifications accordingly. The entire process is automated, and hence more efficient. With predictive maintenance, you can ensure that downtimes are reduced to a minimum. A well-serviced vehicle also helps the environment. 

  1. Boosts productivity, operational efficiency, and profits

Want to know where your vehicle is? With its real-time tracking, a fleet tracking software will be able to point out is the precise location. Having all the significant data at hand, you can make smarter decisions related to mobility. You can map out the shortest, low-traffic routes that are both time and cost-saving. 

You can analyze and understand the reasons for an underperforming sales team and implement measures to improve on the sales front. Uninterrupted workflows, reduced downtime, optimum vehicle performance reduces the overhead costs for your business. 

A fleet tracking software automizes all processes reducing operational inefficiency. It enables fleet managers to make better business decisions. It also helps businesses expand their fleets. 

A feature-rich fleet tracking software takes over the mundane, tedious, yet significant aspects of managing and maintaining a fleet. It is highly efficient, accurate, and reliable. If you’re struggling to keep up with all the paperwork, fleet tracking software is what you need; it will streamline things for you. 

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Written by Davin Clash


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