A trip to the Mushroom City – Solan

Himachal Pradesh, a lovely state in India, covered with mountains, and Solan is one of its beautiful hill towns which lies in thefoothills of the Outer Himalayas. The city is covered with deodar forests on all sides.Although traveling in Himachal is the aim of many people, especially those who live in the south of India. One of the lovely places isthe solan of Himachal.There are so many interesting facts about the Solan, Himachal Pradesh.BON MONASTERY12 km away from the city center of the solan. And this place is one of the tourist destinations that are interested in Tibetan culture.Bon community is always confused with that Buddhism, but the Bon community is a sacred society, which is older than that of theBuddhist community. This monastery is also called the Menri monastery. Many people who travel to Himachal don’t know muchabout the Menri monastery. This place has a massive statue of Shenrab Mibo, and during New Year’s Eve, this place becomes thecolor of joy, vibrant and festivities with Bon dance and cham, which performed here. So, if you are planning a family trip to Solan,then you must plan to visit.1. Solan – is called the Mushroom city of India because the production of mushroom in solan is the largest in all over India.2. This town is also known as the city of red gold because it also produces tomatoes in a large amount.3. Solan has the highest railway station in the world. Apart from these things, Solan has so many places to visit and experience. PREVIOUS POSTNALAGARH PALACEThe Nalagarh Palace in solan is situated at the top of the hill. It has a massive structure that justi2es both Indian and Mughal styledarchitectures. This palace has well maintained and manicured gardens, which gives a panoramic spectacle to the town below.Nowadays, this palace has been changed into a heritage resort, which provides more beauty in the city.

KASAULIKasauli is just an hour away from Solan. This place is the primary source of Solan tourism due to its calm and serene nature.Kasauli is the best getaway from the solan and its nearby areas, as this hill station is free from the general hustle and bustle. If youare making up your mind to take a break from your o4ce and daily monotonous routine, you can travel to Kasauli hill station forsure. This place in Himachal is surrounded by hills and the pine trees all around. There are few buildings like an Anglican churchwhich is situated on the mall road is must visit the place, it is famous for its architecture. There are few spots to watch like, Mankipoint, Sunset point, Sunrise point Etc.DAGSHAI JAIL MUSEUMDagshai is located at 30.88°N to 77.05°E. It has an average elevation of 1,734 meters (5,689 ft). This place is situated in Solan,Himachal Pradesh. And it is one of the historical sites in solan.Why is it called DAGSHAI?It’s because whosoever being prisoned in this jail had been given a DAAG on the forehead for identi2cation.It is the second most crucial jail museum in India. Britishers built it in 1849. Most of the mutineers were there. It housed by GandhiJi for one night and two days when he came to meet a 21-year-old Irish soldier.A total of 54 cells measure 8 feet by 12, with the ceiling placed at the height of nearly 20 feet.The jail is a T shaped structure with a high ceiling and wooden >ooring. The purpose behind such a construction was that theperson on the guard duty could easily hear any movement of the prisoner.It has been recorded that 41 prisoners were shot dead in this jail, three were hanged, and around 126 were imprisoned for alifetime.P.S – It is one of the haunted places in India.Also, there are so many other places to travel and visit in solan. Shoolini Devi temple is promoted by solan tourism, which is veryfamous for its fairs. Chail is a lovely hill station near Solan and the best getaway for the one who is in love with nature and beauty.So next time when you plan to visit a tour n Himachal Pradesh, you must see these places which are yet to be visited in solan. Andcollect as many mushrooms as you can.


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