Get a new Life in Old Manali

Old Manali is such a beautiful part of Himachal that is old by name only, litigants of that place $ll the newness in the people who gothere. When you reach there through the mountains by crossing the bridge of the Vyas river, the freshness in that place eliminatesall your fatigue in a moment. The specialty of Old Manali is that it is called Mini Israel and that is because the Israeli people willget to see more there.Things to do in Old ManaliIf you are fond of eating food, you will not miss anything even though in the mountains. There you will easily $nd many cafeswhere you will $nd di*erent kinds of expansive food, as well as many places, will be budget-friendly for you. One of the bestbudget-friendly Dhaba is ‘Shanti Dhaba’ which is very close to the bridge. It is small but here you will not $nd any decrease in tasteand familiarity. One of the special things about the cafe that attracts me the most is that the people there are very fond of gettingwall art in their cafes which makes them more special than others.In Old Manali, you will get to tourists more than local people and also you will be able to see some of their untamed tastes andsports, they like to enjoy $re dance, slackening and juggling more. At that place, there is something di*erent in nightlife that doesnot let anyone sleep. Adorned with live music, dance, and di*erent sports, the night there $ll di*erent energy inside you. This placeis more famous for its drinks and nightlife. There was very good nature and they get mixed easily. One thing that may seemdi*erent to you in Old Manali is that people like to listen to di*erent kinds of music there, trance is heard more because there aremore tourists than locals.If you are a shopping lover, and you want to get into the proper hill looks then believe me Manali market is the best option for you, PREVIOUS POSTNEXT POST Anju Kanoujiyawhich is also the closest and famous to Old Manali. To reach here, all you have to do is a trek from the mountains towards thebottom, after trekking a short distance you will be in the Manali market. If you are also a nature lover then nature has left no stoneunturned to spread its beauty in Old Manali. If you trek upwards from the mountains, you will see Meadows, which will make youfeel more peaceful and you will want to stop sometime and see the beauty of that place

InformationAlthough there are many places to visit in Old Manali, The places which are most famous are the Manu Temple which is on thebanks of River Beas. Though the city is situated on the banks of the river, in Manu Temple, it is as if all the sanctity of the river iscontained. You will $nd a large number of local people living near this temple. This temple is in a crowded area, yet there is never ashortage of people who visit here. The history of this temple is very exciting, People believe that this temple is of the $rst humansage Manu who was the son of Lord Bramha. It is said that when he $rst came to the earth, he did mediation here and he still hasfootprints which are worshiped. Mankind originated from Manu and his wife Shatrupa.Now after knowing so much, you will de$nitely want to go there once. Well reaching Old Manali is as easy as anyone to fall in lovewith this place. To come here, you have to book a direct bus from Delhi to Manali which will take you to Manali in a few hours. Afterreaching here, you will get a local bus or taxi from the Manali bus stop to Old Manali which will take you directly to yourdestination.


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