Katagla A Paradise in Kasol, Parvati Valley

Where morning comes up with a bright smile and night with gleaming stars, mountains worship nature with all the loving hearts.Let’s talk about Katagla A Paradise, The City Kasol makes you feel more Alive with their peaceful and energetic vibes. Here you will*nd yourself surrounded by the beauty of nature. I feel blessed that I got the opportunity to experience that lifestyle of Kasol andyou can also do the same.If you are *nding the place where you can live peacefully for 10 to 15 days or more than that so Kasol is the best place to regain allthat peace you have lost in the noise of the city. Well, you will *nd many places to live in Kasol but Katagla is no less than aparadise. Especially “The Katagla Inn Homestay” because it is one of the most beautiful places in Katagla. The Parvati river in thatplace surrounded by mountains gives your soul a di0erent experience of peace. Sitting on banks of the river Parvati, it Waveshitting the rocks makes you realize that there is nothing di2cult in life, if you want, you can make your way no matter how di2cultit is. PREVIOUS POSTNEXT POST Anju KanoujiyaDiscover Kasol, District Kullu, Himachal PradeshChilling out Kasol Vibes ( Chalo Kasol )Here you will *nd small cafes at any distance and you will get lots of variety to eat with local snacks. Despite all this, the peoplewho go there prefer mostly to eat tea, Maggi. Nature looks even more breathtaking with hot tea sips in that beautiful winter ofHimachal.There is something di0erent in the nightlife here, when you get lost in the atmosphere while sitting in front of the bon*re andenjoying live music, the sweet sound of the waves of the river 6owing nearby makes the moment even more ful*lling.If we talk about that which places you can easily go from here, then you can go to Manikaran and Kasol market. While you will getto see a beautiful view of the river and Hotspring in Manikaran, you will get to hear unique stories of Gurdwara and Shiva temple.Also, you can enjoy the wonderful langar found in the gurudwara. The closest to Katagala is the Kasol market where you will *nd avariety of mountain clothes and unique bags as well as accessories. The best part is that you do not have to work too hard to reachhere, if you trek a little and go upwards, then you will easily get a local bus from there which will give you an amazing ride tillManikran and Kasol market. You can enjoy local travel while going through the mountains. The folk music playing in the buses notonly makes your journey more pleasant but also make you sing.

Now the biggest question is how to reach this beauty. Well, it’s not that hard, you will get a bus from Delhi to Bhuntar, after whichyou will get a lot of local buses coming from Bhuntar to Katagla which will take you straight to Katagla village. From here, you haveto trek some distance downwards, after which you will reach your destination.Here you will *nd many more excellent hotels ranging from night 500 INR to 15,000 INR. Also in any cafe, you will get food at thecheapest rate, in small cafes, the food of two people is easily available at the rate of 300 INR.If you are a nature lover like me than this place is for you where you can hear the voice of your heart without any noise. This placewill make your journey even more ful*lling and on returning, you will take an experience with you that you will never forget. Sowhat is the delay, Katagla is ready to welcome you with full of love


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