Shilha Village – An untouched Beauty

With never-ending peace and mesmerizing beauty of nature, where you can ‘nd a place to be with some cool and chilling people. Iam talking about my all-time favorite place in Himachal Pradesh which is known as Shilha village. Well, I am sure many of you donot even know the name of this village but trust me this is the best place you can ever visit in Himachal Pradesh.Storytelling by AnjuI was there for an art meetup with my friends and with very amazing gra+ti artist Yogesh Kumar who taught us the magic of colors.But the thing which attracted me most was the beautiful creation of nature which is actually very untouched. You can ‘nd anumber of apple trees there and not only this, the feeling of plucking and eating those juicy apples early morning makes yourmorning more healthy and beautiful. There you will also ‘nd many interesting stories about Shilha village. The most famous thingabout that place is their apple trees and local food especially “Siddu and Rakhaal ki chai” which also known as jungle Chai. Shilhais the best place known for its trekking and homestays there also includes trekking and camping packages at a very low cost.Shilha is a very small village so you will ‘nd very limited houses and homestays but yes you will get the best services there. The twovery famous homestays in Shilha are “Jungle Jam and Peaceful Home Stay”. I would like to brief you about Jungle Jam where Istayed and the owners Suraj and Shweta were amazing hosts. If you are an artist or writer so that place is an art platform for youwhere you can ‘nd your inner peace and also nature will help you to take out your best from you. All those mini waterfalls fromhills and that soulful noise of falling water on stones will make your heart beat faster and make your soul feel all the beauty of that PREVIOUS POSTNEXT POST Anju Kanoujiyaplace. There is a place on the top of the hills in Shilha knows as Crystal cave where you can ‘nd real crystals but can not take asingle one with you because it’s hard to reach there, but yes you can say that Crystal cave is one of the best creation of nature.The nightlife of here under the sky and charming stars and with beautiful bon're will not only warm up your body but also it willcreate many beautiful and unforgettable memories. I came back with a new beginning of some new friendships and beautifulmemories inside my heart. So I am sure that after reading this the beauty of Shilha will make you more curious to visit this place. Sopeople what are you waiting for! Just pack your bags and take a trip of Himachal Pradesh (which is not so far from your heart.

Discover Kasol, Himachal PradeshEasy steps to reach thereYou just need to book a bus from Delhi (R K Asharam) to Bhuntar. After reaching there take a local bus to Manikaran (or you canbook a taxi also but I will suggest to not do that otherwise you will miss all that fun of local travel). From Manikaran to Shilha youcan get a taxi (Alto) which will hardly charge you 600 INR. “Peaceful Home Stay” is a very common point where the cab will drop andfrom there you have to trek for about 15 minutes to reach there. But never forget to make a call to homestay owner or contactperson before reaching, they will guide you.I have lived that moment with nature that gave me inner peace. and if you wish to experience the same then do visit “The ShilhaVillage – An untouched Beauty”You must enjoy reading this Blog Katagla the Paradise


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