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Goa is the party capital of India. Goa consists of its coastline stretching to over hundreds of kilometers. The beaches of Goa are thebest and most beautiful in India. You can easily &nd hundreds of Foreigners in Goa, and the beaches are the favorite place for theirhangouts. The North Goa and South Goa both consist of beautiful, clean, and mesmerizing beaches, though it would be signi&cantto notice that the beaches in South Goa are relatively less populated and explored.In the article, we are listing top 10 beaches for Foreigners in Goa1. Arambol beach– The beach is also called “Russian Beach of Goa”. The Arambol beach of Goa is famous for having a largenumber of Russian tourists. Foreigners prefer the beach. The beach is having many bars, restaurants, and pubs serving thebest drinks and some delicious food. The place is quieter and cleaner than most of the other beaches in Goa, the water is justperfect, and the tides are not too harsh, and this is the region tourists, mainly Russian, prefer the beach.2. Vagator Beach– The Vagator beach is one of the top beaches of Goa which attracts a signi&cant foreign crowd. Vagator isfamous for providing a lot of water sports. You can &nd many Foreigners in Goa visiting the beach to try water sports such asWhy foreigners love Goa beaches?Foreigners prefer all the beaches mentioned above in Goa because of one or the other feature the beaches provide. Some beachesas Arambol beach and the Mobor Beach serve you the exclusive seafood of Goa, the foreigners love to explore the culture, and thetaste of India and these beaches provide them with this opportunity.Beaches like Vagator invite you in a blend of culture. Western culture more likely in6uences them. You can easily spot people onsuch beaches dancing to the beats of the latest EDM tracks, wearing some trendy and fashionable clothes, and enjoying their drinkto its fullest.Now, if you see the beaches such as Baga and Colva and Anjuna, the foreigners enjoy interacting with the Indian crowd. Thesebeaches are more occupied than others, and you can appreciate a good number of Indians out there. The Foreigners in Goa enjoyScuba diving, etc. The beach hosts many parties like the famous Sunburn festival which attracts a lot of Foreigners in Goa.3. Morjim Beach– once you visit the place, all you will be doing is admiring the natural beauty of Morjim. This quality of thebeach will make you fall in love with this beach. Being one among the top beaches in Goa it is also a hotspot for bird sighting.The beach attracts Foreigners in Goa for events such as bird watching and even dolphin sighting on a boat.4. Colva Beach– White sand with the sun shining brightly is the feature of the beach. It is one of the famous Russian Beachesof Goa. You can easily sight many Foreigners in Goa visiting the place for a sunbath and swimming in the calm tides. You canalso &nd many vendors selling the local food of Goa which makes it among one of the top beaches in Goa.

Baga Beach– Not only the beach is very famous but also is one of the top beaches in Goa. Every possible fun that you canimagine on a beach can be seen on Baga. The Foreigners in Goa who like to interact with the Indian crowd and culture visitthe beach. Hundreds of bars and pubs are located on the beachside giving you a taste of Goa. You can also enjoy watersportson this beach. If you talk of Russian Beaches of Goa, Baga has to be in the top three.8. Benaulim Beach– the beach is moreover a silent one and presents beautiful scenery with cli@s, rocks, and greenery all overthe place. It became a popular place to hang out for Foreigners in Goa by the nightlife they have there. It is a place for partyfreaks and hence has gained the name among Top beaches in Goa. The party life during the night is very amusing. Discolights, brilliant party music, and the unique cocktails make the place worth visiting.9. Anjuna Beach-A place for the adventurers and the people who love risks. Anjuna is a beach where the tides are a little harshand Foreigners in Goa enjoy such tides for sports like sur&ng. It is also a Russian Beach of Goa, and you can spot Russiangirls having a sunbath all day long. You will see hard rock terrains and seashells out there on the beach. The nightlife is alsofantastic; however, water is very high during the night. The crowd at Anjuna is mixed, and so you can enjoy both the foreignand the Indian crowd.10. Mobor Beach– It is also one of the top beaches in Goa. The beach has many natural creations that glorify the place andmakes it look marvelous. You can &nd sand-dunes and blooming lilies out there. The Foreigners in Goa are attracted to thebeach as there are parties and di@erent events going on at the place all the time. The coconut palms and white sand gives youthe perfect view that you desire on a beach. The place provides a chance for the Foreigners in Goa to enjoy the common lifeof the native people of Goa

Best among all the Goa beaches?Now, this is a tricky question because all the beaches mentioned above have one or the other quality, which makes it special. Thereare certain things attached to every beach in Goa, which makes them unique and di@erent from the other. Talking on a touristpoint of view, the best beaches among the 10 are Vagator, Baga, and Arambol. These three beaches are preferred by most of theForeigners in Goa. All of them have bars, restaurants, and even discos on the beachside. You can enjoy the best alcohol andcocktails out there.But the best is a tag given to an individual, and if you compare all of them, Baga beach, in our opinion, is the most preferred by theForeigners in Goa. The thing that makes it di@erent and best among all of them is that the beach in itself is really very huge andpopular. The beach seems to have a town settled around it. You can even easily get a hotel with all the modern facilities where youcan have a view of the sea. The beach seems to be a very busy day and night. Parties are constant out on Baga beach. You can getthe smallest possible facility around the beach, the crowd is great for foreigners, and moreover, you can have some of the bestalcohol of Goa at the beach.


There are lots of more Russian Beaches of Goa where you still can &nd many foreigners. Goa attracts the major crowd offoreigners to India, and these beaches are the hotspots of this attraction. The native people are super friendly towards the tourists.And not only beaches but indeed Goa is a city which has few of the best nightlife of the entire country. So whether you like seafoodwith your favourite alcohol alongside a beach, or at a fancy club there is everything that goa provides you.


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