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Summer – March to MayMonsoon – June to SeptemberMild winters – November to FebruaryMild winters dominate the tourist season as because the Goa temperature ranges between 26 to 32 C. Winters are considered thebest time to visit Goa when most of the hotels, beaches, shacks, and bars are occupied with tourist from all over the country andabroad. However, during Monsoons, you .ll not .nd much tourists plus you may steal cheap deals on hotels.Goa places to visitGoa is all about amazingly beautiful, clean and numerous spectacular beaches both in the north and south Goa along thecoastline. Every beach hosts mouth-watering food, especially sea-foods are impossible to resist. Here is the list of best Goabeaches and Goa places to visit at southern side:-P.S. Binge on exotic sea-food goodies .shes, squids, prawns, crabs, oysters, etc. and relish the traditional delicacies like Bianca,chicken xacuti, chicken vindaloo, cashew fenny and kokum juice served with every meal.I hope you liked this Blog, Very Informative Read North Goa hereFeatured Image: Roshni Patare Visit Instagram and read Personal Blog Miss Free SpiritBEACH LIFE BEACH LIFE IN INDIA EXPLORE THE BEACHES GOA SOUTH GOA1. Monkey Beach is located at Vasco da Gama backed by hills, can be reached by boat. It’s popular for snorkeling, dolphinspotting, .shing, sports, swimming, and fabulous marine life.2. Bogmalo Beach, a small sandy beach village, which is very quiet and near to Indian Naval Aviation Museum.3. Dudhsagar Falls formed by river Mandovi on the ghats, at a height of 107 ft. with gushing stream and train passing through isa sight to remember. You can reach there by rail or road, trekking or by jeep.4. Velsao Beach oCers golden sand, hidden behind greenery and squeezed by lanes. Though, little diDcult to search, but onceyou reach, you will not regret the hard drive. You will barely .nd anyone there, making it the best place to watch the sun-setwith only the sound of the sea and no noise.5. Arossim Beach lets you enjoy water and sailing, besides, it is near to Cansaulim Church.6. Majorda Beach hosts a lot of water sports, shacks, tourist and you cannot walk away without cakes and cookies oCered at thebakeries.7. Colva Beach is one of the longest, busy and best South Goa beaches driving tourist attraction due to full moon parties,dolphin spotting, water sports, delicious food, and bars. Go further to Goa Chitra Museum from Colva to view over 4000artifacts representing Goa’s agrarian life.8. Cavelossim beach for water sports, cruising on Sal river, dolphin spotting, bird watching, food, shacks, bar and is close by Betulfort and Betul lighthouse

Top 10 Treks in Maharashtra

Maharashtra covers a signicant part of the Deccan plateau. It has a lot of variations with height levels in di'erent locations of itsmainland that, on average, ranges from 2700 feet to 4500 feet. Due to such variations and its gift from nature, Maharashtra o'erssome of the best trekking spots in India.We, in this article, will be discussing the top 10 Trekking spots in Maharashtra.Kalsubai Trek – the Kalsubai peak with a height of 1646 meters above the sea level is famous as the highest peak ofMaharashtra. With being the highest, it also gives one of the best views possible on any trek. Due to its popularity, thegovernment of Maharashtra has provided safety measures such as steel railing, chain di'erent other facilities on the spot.Lohagarh Trek – the trek is also called as Lohagarh fort Trek. The spot is very close to Lonavala Khandala hill station. It is 1033meters high above the sea level and overlooks the Pavana reservoir. The fort is well maintained, and the thing that makes thisWhich spot to select?This answer to this question completely depends on what you expect from the trek. Moreover, you should keep this mind that ifyou are traveling in a group, everyone is comfortable with the situations in the spot you selected.The spots of Raigad, Kalsubai are mostly limited to the people who are looking for a weekend close to nature. They give you theperfect situation which a hardcore trekker needs.Treks like Alang Malang Kulang are very challenging and di4cult. You won’t prefer a family trekking in such harsh conditions. Theplace is for the people who seek adventure during trekking.trekking spot famous is its location. It is very close to both Mumbai and Pune the two main cities of Maharashtra, so it is easilyassessable to a lot of people. The route is not that rough, so it’s a perfect spot for trek beginners.Ratangad Trek– Famous for its Fire8ies, the spot cannot be left out of the list of top ten treks of Maharashtra. You can ndlakes that lead to dams further in the trek, and camping near one of these blue water lakes is the best experience you canhave to enjoy nature. In addition to this beauty, the spot has been famous for re8ies during the evening, which lights up theplace, and an admirer of natural beauty can never miss such a sight

Prabalgad and Kalavantin trek– the spot looks full of greenery and a perfect place to trek. You will be getting a lot of crowdon the trek here. The place blooms up even more in monsoon season. The way to the topmost point that is next to 2300 feetup is very steep, but you can have help like ropes and railing provided by the government—moreover, a dangerous-lookingfun trek spot.Rajmachi fort trek – The Rajmachi fort is a very historic fort to Maharashtra and is very close to the famous hill station ofLonavla. You can nd numerous waterfalls around the place. Camping is possible and is a great experience to have. The placeis so diverse that it doesn’t matters which season you are visiting if you are a lover of nature and its beauties the trek is foryou. It is a medium trek, and beginners are suggested to join a group of experienced trekkers.Sandhan Valley trek– another famous trek and attracts a lot of tourists. The strange outlook is about the mountains, whichappear as a canyon, and this unique display attracts many people. The trek is small and is very simple as compared to others,so the spot is the best place for taking your family on a trekking trip. You can also enjoy di'erent features such as mountclimbing and rappelling around the place.Alang Madan Kulang trek– This is a trekking spot for adventurous people. It is considered as the toughest trek in theSahyadri. The spot revolves around two forts named Alang and Madan. The scenery is excellent, but you have to face somegood climbing with risks involved. Fixed rope climbing is a must to reach the peak, but it’s worth taking a risk.Harishchandragad trek- The place is favorites for those who love clicking. The place is all about nature’s display at its best,which allows you to show the best of your camera skills. The Harishchandragad trek also gives you an option of Taramati peakfrom which you can have a view of the whole city. The trek involves moderate di4culty; hence it gives a bit of challengingexperience what you search on a good trek.


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