Paintless Dent Repair More Versatile Than You Think

Dents and dings can seem to appear out of nowhere, leaving an unsightly blemish on your vehicle.  If you take pride in your vehicle’s appearance, this can be quite upsetting.  You may be putting off repairing small issues as they seem inconsequential in the scheme of things.  Afterall, the idea of leaving your car at an auto body shop for the foreseeable future isn’t very appealing.  You may also be worried about making a claim on your auto insurance and how it will impact your premium.  There is a better way; paintless dent repair can fix a variety of dents and dings, not just those sustained from a hailstorm.

Could Paintless Dent Repair Be the Right Choice for You?

Paintless dent repair in Denver has a stellar reputation as the best option for repairing most cases of hail damage.  While this is one great application, the same technique works wonders on dents and dings.  This is a great choice as paintless dent repair has a reputation for affordability.  If you wish to avoid making a claim on your insurance but want to have dent(s) removed, this could be the perfect option for you!

This technique is highly sought after because it is a non-evasive method of dent removal.  Your car’s original paint is not disturbed but restored.  This is especially beneficial for the equity of the car as vehicles with original paint are simply worth more when it comes time to resell.  This also eliminates the possibility that your paint may not be matched perfectly, leaving an obvious and unsightly area on your otherwise perfect vehicle.

Paintless dent repair is considerably faster than traditional methods of dent repair.  By foregoing the repainting process entirely, the need for sanding and body fillers is eliminated.  Thus, you can avoid wasted time and rest easy as your cars pristine original paint is protected.  Instead, special tools designed specifically for paintless dent repair can gently remove the dents and get your car back on the road in a jiffy!


One of the greatest benefits of paintless dent repair is its versatility.  It works well for any sized dent, providing the paint has not cracked or flaked off as a result of the dent.  However, it is important to note there are some situations that are not conducive to repair by the paintless dent process.  This includes dents that are very near a panels edge, as well as on vehicles that have already sustained damage to the original manufacturer’s paint and were fixed by traditional body shop methods.  Additionally, this method is not effective on classic cars and thus should only be used on vehicles manufactured in 1990 or beyond.

If your vehicle has sustained damage, consider if your dents meet the criteria for paintless dent repair.  Whether you’ve sustained hail damage or a stray car door, there is hope for a quick, affordable restoration.  Most auto insurances recommend and pay for the removal of hail damage using paintless dent repair.  No matter if you are looking to make a claim or simply have a ding or two removed, this method of repair can offer a realistic solution for a plethora of dent removal needs!


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Written by Kevin Gomez


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