How do you get a visa for India?

Do you wish to travel and explore this beautiful country from Asia- India? If so, you need to make sure that you take note of all the recent changes that are made by the Indian Government. Because certain rules regarding the electronic visas keep on changing with time. In this guide, we look forward to explaining to you all the things as to what do you require to get the E India visa and enjoy your amazing journey to one of the beautiful countries of the subcontinent.

All the visitors require a visa when traveling to India, except the citizens of the two neighboring countries that are Bhutan and Nepal. In recent times, the Indian government went on to introduce the one-month, a-year, and a five-year electronic visa for the citizens of nearly all countries. The e-visa is available for tourism, medical, business,  and for the conference purposes.

Nowadays, the e-Visa will very much be adequate for most of the visitors, thereby eradicating the requirement to obtain a regular visa before arriving in India. But, residents of the United States may get their hands on a regular Tourist visa that is valid for around 10 years. Some individuals may also need a kind of visa that is not offered as an e-Visa.

The Agreements With A Few Of The Countries

Few of the countries, likeMongolia and Japan have individual agreements alongside India that permit their citizens to pay notably less for the visa. Citizens of countries like Argentina, Fiji, Indonesia, Cook Islands, Jamaica, Kiribati, Mauritius, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Myanmar, Nauru, Palau, Niue Island, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, South Africa,  Vanuatu,and Uruguay, do not need to pay the fee of a visa.


If you are someone who is not applying for the electronic Visa, it is now very much in reach for one and all to apply fora regular visa online. The government of India has introduced the centralized online application procedure whereby you mayfinish and then submit the form online, and manually you may submit the passport and the supporting documents physically tothe relevant Indian Mission (Indian embassy or consulate) in your respective country.

Alternatively, you may still go through the visa processing center in case you fail to appear at the Indian consulate or an embassy in person. You will require to complete the application form online by visiting the website of the agency, and then email your application form and the other required documents.The Simple Process For Visa Application•Identify your visa type•Fill the online application form•After filling, submit your application form•The processing of the visa•Visa granted or either rejectedApply For An Indian VisaYou need to apply for the visa to India online minimum of 4 days before your arrival date to India, however, now the India eVisa comes with the “window of arrival” – 120 days.What does it actually mean for a traveler?Well, to cut things short let’s try and understand this as this simply means that when you apply for the India Visa on September 01 then the arrival date in India must fall somewhere between September 05 to 2nd of January i.e., 120 days (4 months). This is good as you may now apply for the India visa far before your actual date of arrival to India. So when you make any changes regarding that arrival date you’ll have the flexibility to change it without needing to re-apply for the new Indian Visa.

How long is the visa valid for?The tourist visa of India is valid for about a 1-year post issued and comes alongside Multiple Entry, the same rules also apply for a business visa.The medical Visa works a little different that you also can’t stay for periods exceeding than 60 days in the Total in India, however, you will possess Triple Entry.With that being said, let’s try and understand the Visa and its types in brief. This will help us all know about the kinds of visas that are available and what are they for. Plus, we also try and learn about its validity period as well which will provide us all with a better and clear idea.


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Get your Indian evisa for tourist, business, study online now! All foreign nationals are required to submit the e-Visa India Visa before traveling to India.


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