7 Budget-Friendly Countries That Make a Perfect Holiday Destination

7 Budget-Friendly Countries That Make a Perfect Holiday Destination

The world is full of dreamy and never-ending lists of places to visit. It is the main reason tourism is emerging as one of the most blossoming industries in today's world. Yes, all these conventional tourist hubs have transformed into an expensive dominion. And this made it difficult for travel enthusiasts to visit some of these wondrous places.

Luckily, we still have a handful of alternatives left where our pockets and dreams both are secure. There exist a plethora of unconventionally popular travel destinations that complements your finances and your taste for joy-ride. 

Therefore, without further ado, here's seven of these less-expensive countries known for the wide variety of thrills :


Fiji: Where Lies the Best Pacific Island Group

Gone are those days when a pacific vacay or a Caribbean island experience was all about luxuries. The resort, expensive sea-food, and off-limit markets can come in budget too. Among some of the most costly island delights, Fiji is one of the cheapest Pacific vacation options. There's affordable stay, low-priced food, and market relaxations under your budget. Fiji provides a keen beach experience while going through British colonial architecture. Islands of Mamanuca, Qualita, etc. offer cheaper stays and different coral reefs and lagoons nearby. The capital Suva is famous for providing cheap thrills and quirky activities. The activities include basking in the Pacific Sun, snorkeling down the ridges, Kayaking, Deep-diving, etc.


Guatemala: Where Central American Safari Are the Best

Central America is still mysterious yet inviting options for the travel junkies. The country is essentially famous for dense forests and several tribal civilizations. There are surfing options, jungle safaris, and populated domains to cover. A single night stay at the place cost roughly 20$ with food as handy and cheap as $3. Throw all your essentials over the car roof rack to visit Spanish ruins, National Museum of Archaeology, Antigua, Belize,etc.. These ancient ruins and volcanic craters lie between the famous coffee brewing stations and villages—all thereby giving you the best of both worlds.


Thailand: Where Asia's Beauty Is Seen

One backpack tour to Thailand cost about 35$ per day if provided you are a light drinker. There are few islands where party and alcohol come a bit expensive otherwise, Asia's sensational tourist spot is rather cheap. The tropical islands full of groovy beaches, regal palaces, and ultramodern architecture. The country has outnumbered some of the most visited tourist spots of the past. Presently, it is famous for its soothing ambiance and romantic tours. Places like Wat Phra Kaew(Emerald Buddha Temple), Hua Hin, are exquisite with zero turbulence in your travel budget. Even a lavish trip to Phi Phi Island is affordable when planned judiciously. 


Philippines: Where Emerald Beaches and Gypsies Are Seen

The Philippines' emerald fields and beach towns soothe our eyes and bring extreme joy to our bank accounts. Its subdivisions, namely Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, are geographical marvels worth traveling. Manila remains busy welcoming tourists from all over the world to enjoy the southeastern Sun by the beach. There are about 7000 Islands with exotic beaches forming the expedition. Places Boracay and hills like Chocolate Hills, Banaue Terrace, etc. here are famous for peculiar rice-farming. The Philippines' trip cost about 80-85$, covering the overall food and lodging charges. The journey around the Islands and late-night parties may appear a bit off-budget. Yet, it is over-compensated by the grandeur of the place and cheap hotels, eateries, marketplaces.


Turkey: Where Europe Meets Asia

Turkey is the perfect blend of Eurasian culture and architecture. The heritage towns here are both beautiful travel destinations and extremely cheaper for dwelling. The tours too come at an affordable price of about $82. You can always try the cost-effective trips to some of the lovely Anatolian towns. Visit valleys such as Pigeon Valley, Kayseri, etc.. Cave cities such as Kayamakli and Hot Air Balloon Rides are some other perks. Markets selling carpets, rugs, potteries, glassware are quite popular among the tourist's strata. You can opt for visiting Hagia Sophia and other significant castles worth beholding. For art lovers, there are Turkish Nights and Cabaret performances with beer costing about $3. All these trips are free of cost and allow viewing the most significant architectural marvels of Turkey.


India: Where Guests are Gods

India has always attracted people from all over the world because of its diversity. The current trends point towards yet another of its features. India is among the cheapest tourist destinations to cover. A single American dollar is roughly 70 INR. It reduces the cost of living at even the five-star suites of places such as Jodhpur, Missouri, Jammu, etc. to about 50$.

Moreover, the place is known for its grand hospitality and exquisite cuisine. Here, in India, there are more than 100s of cheapest destinations to cover. Visit fortresses and mausoleums such as the Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Bengal Fort, Port Blair's fort, etc. Other delights include the ever throbbing party beaches of Goa and nearby coasts, the sea-green heaven of Andaman and Nicobar island group. The trails down the depths of Shivalik ranges, and treks such as Nanda Devi, Tiger Hill, Leh counted among the most adventurous trips all over the world.


Australia: Where Kangaroos Rule

Though a trip at the end of the land to visit Australia may seem like an expensive offer, the reality is nowhere close to this. A slight fall in the currency and exchange programs with free tourism boosting offers, the country is open for its visitors. Plan your trip according to the budget and choose all in one destination. You get to see the peculiarities such as the infamous Summer Christmas in July or the aboriginal festivities during winters. Places like Canberra, Queensland, Cairns, etc., offer food and lodgings at a comparatively lower cost of $97. There are free expeditions such as fireworks shows, harbor bridge sightseeing in Sydney by the river. Choose wisely a list of such' pay less-watch more' destinations all over the country.


Your budget has a huge say in determining the overall course of your wanderlust. With a little adjustment, planning, and the aid of these pocket-friendly destinations, enjoy traveling to foreign lands. Plan your trips accordingly and set up a budget-plan which doesn't hamper your financial health. If planned and executed correctly, nothing could match up with the joy of traveling into the unknown. And you get to save extra bucks for further explorations.


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