Delta Airlines policy on Refunds

Everything You Should Know About Delta Airlines Refund Policy

Getting a refund on a cancelled flight that either cancels by the passengers or airlines cancel it is one of the most important things that every passenger looks for after a flight cancellation which is possible to do with several airlines including Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines provides a relevant refund on the cancelled flight that always depends on the type of ticket and reason for the cancellation. For this, it has also prescribed a refund policy for the passenger which is very important to follow before you make any kind of request for a refund on Delta Reservations that you cancel due to any specific reason.

What is Delta Airlines Refund Policy?

Delta Airlines will provide you a full refund on a flight that you cancel within 24 hours of booking.

You can only make a refund request for the refundable ticket as there is no refund facility for the non-refundable ticket.

In some cases, you may also get a refund on the non-refundable ticket that you cancel with Delta Airlines that always depends on the fare type.

Any flight cancelled by Delta Airlines due to any specific reasons will be subjected to a full refund.

How Do I Request a Refund on Delta Airlines?

 If you want to get a refund on Delta Airlines reservations, then you need to cancel your flight ticket that can be cancelled online and you can also make a refund request at the same time.

But in case you still need any kind of assistance on refund policy, then you can simply contact the customer service team of Delta Airlines.


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