Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

How you can cancel Spirit Airlines cancellation as per the policy?

For a cheaper domestic trip, you can book your flight with Spirit Airlines. Along with low-fares, many deals, offers and facilities are provided to Spirit Airlines passengers. This airline is chosen by most of the passengers due to its services at a very reasonable price. If you want to cancel you’re booking, even that can also be done easily.

Cancellation policy of Spirit Airlines

To cancel your booking with Spirit Airlines, you have to proceed according to the cancellation policy of the airline. The policy of cancellation has the following rules and terms of cancellation:

  • The airline provides the option of My Trips to cancel the booking.
  • When you cancel your booking online, it will cost you less in comparison to cancellations done through customer support or offline.
  • The airline allows you to cancel your booking till the departure of the flight, as once the flight departs, there will be no cancellation.
  • Other than the refundable bookings, all other books involve some cancellation charges.
  • For non-refundable Spirit reservations, the cancellation fee is exempted if it is cancelled within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.
  • The charges of cancellation depend upon the type of ticket purchased, time left for the scheduled departure, distance of the journey and various other factors.
  • The cancellation charges are calculated according to the fare rules defined by the airline.
  • To cancel your confirmed booking with Spirit, you just need your itinerary details and proceed with the flight cancellation.
  • If you have once processed the flight cancellation, neither can be stopped nor reversed.


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