Discover an ancient land with well-planned Egypt trips

Hundreds of Egypt tours take place on a regular basis and these show you all around Egypt depending upon the number of days you wish to spend. Egypt trips generally begin in Cairo where there are the pyramids, many museums, and a few churches which are considered to be the oldest in the world. One church is believed to have been the hiding place for Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus when Herod was murdering all the firstborn sons.

Luxor boasts of a 4000 years old history and 1/3rd of the world’s monuments. Its temples are something not to be missed and especially the Luxor temple which is a stunning masterpiece. The Valley of the Kings with its many tombs and the Valley of the Queens is another must-visit. The temples of Danderaand Abydos are only day trips away from Luxor. Aswan has the High Dam, Nubian Museum, Philae Temple, and the Kitchener Botanic gardens. From Aswan, it is highly recommended that you take a short trip to Abu Simbul and the great temples of the Ramses.

The Egypt Nile trip is one of the highlights of Egypt trips originating in either Luxor or Aswan and you can cruise on this majestic river to enjoy spectacular sunsets or take part in a galabia party while sightseeing the temples of KomOmbo and Edfu. A ride on the ‘felucca’ or the ‘dahabiya’ sailing boat will enrich your experience of an Egypt holiday.

Egypt trips are not only about historic monuments; the Red Sea with its deep-sea diving, swimming, and coral reefs beckons visitors for a tranquil time on its white sands. The resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-sheik have lots of hotels, shops, and nightclubs to make your stay entertaining. While in Egypt, you can freely communicate with your family through privat video chat, which is a great alternative to live communication. Whilst there take the opportunity to visit a Bedouin camp and enjoy a star-filled evening out in the desert.

A worthwhile side trip from Cairo is Alexandria which has a Roman Amphitheatre, catacombs, Cleopatra’s Palace, and the renowned Bibliothecia. It is also a relaxing place and you can while away many pleasant hours at the waterfront sipping on the local coffee in one of its many cafes.

A holiday in Egypt also affords travelers the chance to pick up some exquisite souvenirs like Egyptian cotton, gold cartouches, traditional perfumes and spices, and of course the world-famous papyrus. Well-planned Egypt trips can double the joy of discovering an ancient land with memories to last a lifetime.


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