Ways to Find the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Leaving your homeland and going to a new place to start fresh is not easy. It not only affects you mentally but it is tiresome too. So, what is the best way to handle this issue? Well! You can get in touch with the best immigration consultants in Dubai seek the necessary guidance for the immigration visa process.

However, finding one for your immigration dream is not easy task to do. You will need to do a lot of online research from your end. Along with this, you should ask the following questions to them to find out whether they are trustworthy or not:

  • Are you a registered immigration consultant? If yes, then what is your registration number?

Every country follows a licensing system to prevent potential immigrants from unnecessary issues. If you are working with a non-registered consultant or agent, then the chances are higher that they will give you incomplete or false information and took money from your pockets. But a licensed immigration consultant will have a tie-up with the government agencies i.e. MARA for Australia or ICCRC for Canada. To verify the license number, you can browse through the official website of the country or contact the local embassy.

  • Can I contact or correspond directly with you?

If you are getting the services of an agency to represent your immigration case, it becomes more than important to communicate them directly whenever needed. If they are making excuses or creating communication gaps (intentionally), it is better not to hire them. A huge number of refusals are due to the agents or consultants hired by you because they do not understand the process and cultural differences. Hence, it becomes essential for you to hire someone always available via phone calls, emails, etc. to explain things to you.

  • What is your success rate?

It seems a little weird to ask but it will help you understand whether you are at the right place or not. Some unregistered agents are there to take your hard-earned money away. So, it is good if you ask them about the visa success rate but with some solid proof or references.

  • Do you provide your clients with any sort of post-landing service?

Post landing services include the facilities that are provided to you once you reach your dream country. For this, you must ask your consultant for some references who have availed such services to check the quality and authenticity of the services.

  • How much experience you have?

A few immigration consultancies will claim to be in the industry for so many years. If you want to sort this issue out, then you must ask them for company registration or the 1st visa granted under their representation. This will clarify so many things about the company.

Closing Remarks

Apart from these questions, you should also check the feedback and reviews given by the previous clients on their official website, social media pages, forums, and third-party review sites. Once you find everything perfect, you can go ahead and hire the best immigration consultants in Dubai for the right assistance.


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Written by Anirudh Sharma

Anirudh Sharma is Immigration adviser associated with MapleCan Visas is a most trusted and iccrc registered Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE guiding and assisting skilled and talented professionals so that they can move to their dream country i.e. Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Denmark, and Germany.


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