How to book Air Canada flight with air miles?

It is always a fine feeling when you are paying less and getting more. If you are in for the same feeling then what follows next will not only provide you with the way to get the same feeling but will also get you on your toes. So stick around and find out what we have in store for you.

So today this paper will cover in detail how one can book Air Canada flight with air miles?

You can follow the steps mentioned below:

•           First of all, visit the booking engine of Air Canada and there you need to log in to your account.

•           Once you are logged in, you can further spot the Use your miles option on the cover page of your account. Select that.

•           After that, you need to select the ‘Travel’ option.

•           On the very next page, you need to make your booking by filling all the necessary and required details.

•           Start by entering the type of travel, whether you are going for a round trip, one way or multi-city. Once that is done, net you need to select the number of passengers coming with you. After that, you need to enter the departure place and the destination. Finally hen you have successfully filled all the information you need to hit the search option.

•           On the next page, all the available flights will be listed and you can select any as per your preference. Apart from this, you can also visit the ‘availability calendar’ section. This option is present at the extreme top right-hand-side of the page. You can select this option for changing your travel dates. You can also opt for a Cabin change if there’s a need.

•           Finally, after checking all the details you need to hit the Confirm your booking option.

Details regarding the Air Canada booking can be seen by hitting the details options. There you will find that all your air miles are utilized and then you need to proceed with the payment. Once the expense is done, your booking will be complete. This was all about Air Canada flight reservations.


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