Moving to San Diego?

What You Need to Know About This Larger Than Life City

People move for all sorts of reasons. Some choose to move to be closer to family, for a change of pace, a new job opportunity, or just to restart their lives in a new environment. No matter what your reasoning is, San Diego is an excellent option for your next move. San Diego is a thriving city full of interesting things to do and a family friendly atmosphere. Before you start packing your bags and preparing for this move, here is our guide to moving to San Diego. All you need to know before moving to this part of the country.

Transportation Needs

One of the first things people notice about San Diego is the ease of getting around. San Diego is one of those cities where you can have a vehicle, but more and more residents are choosing to utilize public transportation for getting around the city. The advantages of a transportation friendly city like San Diego is that when your car is in the shop or you just want to take a different way to work, biking or the public transit system is at your disposable. Generally speaking, even when there is a bit of traffic, it is possible to get to most destinations within San Diego within 20 minutes or less, so no need to spend hours sweating away your life away in a hot car like in other larger cities.

Home Sizes

The size of an average home in any area can vary drastically. If you are moving from an area of the country where homes tend to be large with lots of land, you may have to adjust to a smaller space. Homes, apartments, and condos in San Diego can be very limiting when it comes to space. For homeowners or renters with a lot of items, it is often best to invest in storage units in San Diego to store excess items. By renting a storage unit in the city, you can move in essentials and slowly add extras, so you do not overload your new space with clutter.


Job opportunities are abundant in San Diego. Construction work, military jobs, bio-tech companies, and many other job opportunities can be found in the city. San Diego is also excellent for those wanting to expand their careers as there are a number of schools and universities within the city. If you are looking to change careers, or expand your career options, San Diego is a wonderful place to live.

Weekend Getaways from the City

Even if you live in a vibrant and electric city like San Diego, time away will be essential a few times each year. Some areas of the country are seemingly locked away from attractions requiring a traveler to spend countless hours in a vehicle or spend a lot on plane tickets for the whole family. San Diego is a different type of city and its location allows for a weekend away without going too far. Disneyland is just a short 45-minute drive and Los Angeles is a mere 2 hours away by car. For those looking to drive to another country, Mexico is just a short 45-minute drive and when you need to blow off stream in Vegas, 4 hours will take you right into the city. San Diego is in one of the most accessible areas in the country making it perfect as a hub for the weekend traveler.

Weather Conditions

Extreme weather is a factor in many parts of the country, but San Diego is not one of them. Generally speaking, the average day in San Diego is 72 degrees in the summer and 57 degrees in the winter, so you will not have to contend with scorching hot summers or frigid winters like in other areas. The climate in San Diego is classified as your typical Mediterranean climate, but on the arid side. That means you will have warm, sunny summers, and wetter winters, so be prepared for this remarkably mild climate.

Learn to Love Avocados

Avocados and California seem to go together. These fruits are used in a variety of California dishes and specifically in San Diego, you will find a high number of avocado farms. What that means for the avocado lover is that the fruit is abundantly available throughout the year. However, if you are not a fan, you might want to gain a taste for them. Avocados are a way of life in San Diego.

Making a move to San Diego is a fun and exciting thing. You will enjoy living in a city where travel and transportation are so accessible. Take the time to research San Diego and visit for yourself before making the move. This city has a lot to offer and a ton of stuff to keep you busy.



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