Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Making preparations before you travel is the best way to avoid inconveniences. And if you happen to have chosen Turkish Airlines then you shall be assured as you will get the best services from this airline. So, if you want to avoid any hassle during travel then you may know about the cancellation policy before you get stuck in a situation that goes beyond control.

The important points associated with the cancellation policy are discussed below.

Learning About Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy! 

  1. The airline allows a full refund to passengers who cancel their flight within 24 hours from booking the flight or departure of the flight.
  2. In case, 24 hours have been crossed then you can still cancel your flight but need to pay the cancellation fee.
  3. This cancelation fee depends upon various factors like destination, type of your travel, the number of tickets canceled, etc.
  4. To cancel the flight or check refund status, passengers may choose the “Manage my Reservation” option that is made available on the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  5. Also, passengers can cancel their flight up to 2 hours before the departure. And in this case, they will only be refunded 25% of the fare charges.
  6. The passengers who have fulfilled all the refund conditions and are eligible for the refund of Turkish airline reservations will be initiated within 2-4 business days from the date of canceling the flight ticket.Those passengers who reached the airport and then find an urge to cancel the flight may contact the customer service counter present at the airport.


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