How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

While leasing a private jet is more accessible and affordable than ever before, the actual total will vary depending on the type of plane you are chartering and a variety of factors. As the world becomes more interconnected and air travel becomes less the exclusive domain of the rich and elite and more affordable and accessible, chartering personal flights looks more and more attractive.

For example, a chartered flight the equivalent distance from London to Edinburgh or Glasgow to Cardiff can cost between US$ 9500-11,000. However, although these flights are more and more common, charter flights are often very different from each other, and that's understandable.


Availability is also very important, and like any other market, the rarer the aircraft model, the more expensive the private jet. As such, to keep the cost low, buyers should avoid niche offerings for more traditional aircraft. The same goes for airplane parts. Even if the aircraft itself is not too expensive, sooner or later all parts have to be replaced, and rare parts come with high costs.

Size matters

Many variables determine the nature of each charter flight, and they necessarily differ from case to case. Before getting into the costs, therefore, it is essential to understand these factors. One of the first and most obvious factors in determining private jet pricing is size. A relatively small plane is bound to cost less than a large jumbo jet.


Then there is the question of distance. As noted above, even a short flight between London and Edinburgh can cost several hundred dollars on a charter flight. This is in part due to another key factor, refueling costs. The longer the distance, the more premium the fuel type and the higher the refueling costs, which in turn can inflate the price of a charter flight.

The cost of long-distance intercontinental flights is getting very fast. Private jets capable of traveling long distances are naturally larger planes, which further increases the cost. Then there is the speed of the plane. Of course, you want to get to your destination as soon as possible, but faster planes can get more expensive.


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