Five Important Places To Visit In Manila

Manila is the capital city of Philippines. The city is beautiful and surrounded by beaches and everything beautiful around. During summer, people plan for the vacation; the demand of rental apartment in Manila is usually high. In this post, we will see some of the best places to visit in Manila, that would make your journey amazing.

Rizal Park: 

It is the city’s biggest public park and is very dear to Filipinos due to its historical significance. It is one of the best places in Manila that people love to visit. The park is a symbol of national hero, Jose Rizal, was executed.

The amazing park is spread over 140 acres and has beautiful ornamental gardens, statues of historical figures, a central Lagoon with musical fountains, as well as an Orchidarium.

Fort Santiago: 

This fort is one of the first places to visit in Metro Manila. It was completed in 1593 and situated in the ancient walled city of Intramuros. The stone walls of the Fort Santiago have several structures including the famous Rizal Shrine that is entirely dedicated to Rizal. The fort has witnessed the Spanish conquest to World War II.

Ocean Park in Manila: 

Manila ocean park is one of the best and adventurous places to visit. The park has so many attractions that even a day at the park won’t be enough! The oceanarium has more than 14,000 animals across 270 marine species. It has been considered as one of the biggest aquariums across the world. The oceanarium has some amazing creature like seal Lion Show, Penguin Show and the All the bird show etc. These shows make the visitors amazed, and they leave amazing feedbacks that inspire other visitors to come and witness this wonderful life.

San Augustin Church: 

This is another most important tourist spot in Manila, Philippines. The church is the oldest and built-in 1586. The church has been considered as the national landmark as well as UNESCO heritage site. The church is still in use, and visiting the church can be given the view of the traditional wedding.

National Museum Complex: 

Well, the museum is something that children are fascinated about. It is one of the top places to visit in Manila for kids. The Filipinos are incredibly proud of their history and heritage, and you can witness all that on display at the national museum complex in Manila.

It is important to get the rental apartment in Manila nearby to these places, so there is no much trouble during tourism.


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