Ideas to Plan a Perfectly Lavish Picnic on the Lap of Nature!

Though the ideas for a perfect family outing are numerous, nothing is as exceptional as spending a harmonious time-devouring lavish delicacy on the lap of nature! A picnic not only proves extremely fun and rejuvenating but also helps you to connect with Mother Earth. So, let’s think about how you are going to make your next picnic exciting and fun and perfect amidst nature.

Planning a Perfect Picnic Near Nature!

Nature is generous and inviting and ready to host us! But it’s we who aren’t ready to give up our city excitement and retreat towards the country and mountains. But, when suddenly today you planned for the same, ensure that it’s a once in a lifetime experience for you and your family.

  • Book Your Picnic to a Fascinating Place With the Best Tour Planners —If you want a memorable picnic, ensure to look for the most alluring and natural destination near your home. And even if it’s a little far, if it’s beautiful, you shouldn’t mind travelling a little. But the agency managing the tour should be an excellent one. Be thorough in studying their package and the list of exotic places their tour will include. Like, you can plan a Blue Mountains day trip from Sydney with Country Trails. They guarantee a superior, fun time in the most ravishing destination on the lap of nature planned carefully for you and your family.
  • Pack Your Basket With Care — Your picnic basket need not be too heavy and overfilled (don’t carry your entire house in it), but you should fill it in with essential and needful items. Grab your best hat (you are going to click some Instagram worthy images there for sure), take your glasses with you (the sun would be glaring at you in the mountains), a spare jacket (if there’s too much wind) and a box of tissues. You shouldn’t also forget the disposable plates, spoons, forks, and some plastic bags to trash them tidily. Apart from these, you’ll surely need a picnic mat along with the food!
  • The Delicacies to Enjoy Here — No picnic is possibly perfect without a lavish food spread! It is fun nibbling something or the other (or sipping) all throughout the day as you wander and explore the place. Just get your favourite wine, your choice of cheese, some soft and fresh bread or pita, cold cuts, fruits, and even a sinful dessert for a sweet ending. Be as choosy as you want in packing your favourite junk (oh those crispers that tempt you, the pringles that you always drool for) as it’s your fun day out — never mind the calories you gain today.
  • Think of Some Interesting Games —Picnic is best enjoyed due to the company you keep – be it friends or family. The ultimate aim is to have a fabulous time together. Plan some exciting and interesting activities and games beforehand. You can take a pack of cards with you. Also, your jump-ropes, hula-hoops, football etc. But there could be some no equipment fun games too – hide and seek and scavenger hunt are best enjoyed outdoors. For making things more exciting, do pack some gifts as prizes for the winners in these games.

Well, we are sure you are already imagining the most wonderful picnic of your life after reading all these. So, when are you taking the day off for this fun getaway with your family? 


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Written by Eada Hudes


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