5 Things to Keep In Mind When Making Animated Character for Videos

The work of animation character design is more of about imagination than anything else. It is also incredibly simple. If you can imagine it, your animation can bring it to life.

Unlike the characters flying in live-action that requires a lot of camera tricks, character design in animation is a matter of art for animators.

It may sound relatively easy to envision the characters, but executing them is not as simple.

You are tempted to start working as soon as your brain hits up with a new idea, but here is the problem. Halfway through the process, people get stuck and get confused about where the project is headed.

Here are five tips which if you keep in mind while doing animation character design, can make your work a whole lot easier by providing it a streamlined structure:

Creating a Workflow and Project Planning is Crucial

Planning your project beforehand and creating a workflow is very crucial before you start working. You will often come up with a fantastic idea and want to start right away, but do not make that mistake unless you want to spend a lifetime on a single project.

Think about your idea, take your time, and make a plan and divide your project into stages. Create a proper workflow and work according to it. This one is to ensure that you don’t get stuck in the middle and waste extra time, especially when you’re working on a deadline.

Mapping Out Your Video Timing

Now this one is critical. If you set perfect timings for each aspect of the video, e.g., the speed of your characters, how long they stay on the screen, and, more importantly, the length of your video, then you will have half of your work already done.

Your animated videos can be as long as two hours, but it is beneficial to keep them concise, especially if you’re marketing a brand or service.

Learn How to Use CAD

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) applications are great tools for creating 2D or 3D animations. These applications are technical tools for developing animations of any kind. However, learning how to use CAD applications takes quite some time, and these apps are usually purchased.

But free online tutorials are always in the hands. Using CAD will significantly enhance your animation skills.

Write Your Story

Impatience is a trap when it comes to making an animated video. Starting animation as soon as you get an idea without a real story will get you stuck in the middle. The story of your animated video should be written on the paper from the very beginning to the end. Changes in the script can be made along the way.

Plan the Scenes

Here’s where many animators often fail, stitching different scenes together to give the video an entirely natural feel. Plan where one scene ends, and another begins; bind them in such a manner that viewers can see it as a coherent story.

 Keep these thumb tips in your mind while you plan your project to make your animation video the one to remember.


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