Why Companies Should Digitize Their Employee Benefits

As times are changing, companies are witnessing a radical shift with digital transformation. Digitization offers increased accessibility to information and serves as a helping hand to modify overall operational processes. Well, digitization is also taking centre stage for so many organizations with regards to employee benefits program.


Employee benefits add to the feel-good factor that helps in keeping the workforce loyal, productive and engaged. According to a survey, 79% of employees look for additional benefits than just a hike in their salary. The non-financial compensation in the form of employee benefits varies from company to company. Workplace flexibility and rewarding benefits like gift cards, meal cards and multi-purpose cards go in sync with employee’s expectations for an enhanced experience.

Undoubtedly, the workforce is at the heart of every organization, and their cooperation cannot be replaced with anything when it comes to running the operations in an organization with ease. Businesses operate in a world of increased complexity characterized by higher data volumes, faster business cycles, and demanding customers. In response, many enterprises can take the road to digital transformation to help drive revenue growth, manage risk, and improve efficiency. In the current scenario, employee benefits in India help in enhancing the overall employee experience that can further improve the company’s business. 

Sodexo has established a legacy of unparalleled employee and organization support, providing employee benefits solution in India over the past 22 years. With the tremendous need for managing all employee benefits, Sodexo introduced a one-stop solution with one innovative card – Multi-Benefit Pass. It offers exclusive benefits, tax savings and helps save up to Rs 75,000/- annually per employee.


These are some of the BENEFITS FOR YOUR COMPANY:

  • Cost-effective: Paperless management of employee spends and claims

  • Full compliance: Assurance of 100% compliance by separated usage of Meal and other Employee Benefits

  • Easy administration: Single digital platform to manage all Employee Benefits

These are some of the BENEFITS FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES: 

  • Increased productivity: Eliminates the tedious task of submitting paper bills and improves workplace productivity

  • Smart usage: Use either the 2-in-1 card or the next-gen mobile app to access all Employee Benefits

  • More delight: Annual tax savings up to D75,000 and additional savings through exclusive deals

The employee can easily swipe the card at any of the 1 lakh+ Sodexo-accepting outlets nationwide, to avail meal benefits.  The pass can also be used to avail non-meal benefits like Telecom, Fuel, Books & Periodicals, Uniform, etc across RuPay’s nationwide network of over 36 lakh retail outlets to pay for telecom, fuel, gifts and many more. Moreover, the next-gen mobile app enables one to manage all the benefits on-the-go like check card balance, discover outlets, change PIN and more. 

So corporates looking to advance employee productivity and efficiency with digital and innovative employee benefits solutions can adopt the Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass. 




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