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For more information visit the link Amazon Alexa appAlexa performs the number of tasks through Their assistant like playing the songs, handling smart home gadgets, lock the doors, adjustment of to manage the shopping list, booking uber and much more. 

You can ask any query from Alexa and he or she will give you the proper answer. As an example, you can Just Say Alexa about the weather and it will offer you with the right details.


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Posted by Agam bhatnagar

We can use Alexa app in Amazon Alexa device. Which is a virtual personal assistant having voice recognition software. Alexa runs on the Wolfram algorithm.
A user can train their Alexa devices for listening to his instructions and respond accordingly. Simply, Answer the questions asked.
All the Alexa devices generally activate on the default activation word “WAKE”. When Alexa listen to the word “WAKE” it gets activated. You can call Alexa as an example of artificial intelligence.
All Alexa related skills help us in performing various tasks in our day to day life. For example, Setting up an alarm, Giving the weather and forecasting reports, Live Scores.
Preparing to-do list or shopping lists, Streaming music from phones, tablets etc. via Bluetooth. Alexa can also stream music from various music streaming services available online.
For more links visit here Download Alexa app


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