Building Wealth Through Financial Freedom

Jamie McIntyre also has identified the wealth zapper of WealthActivator Code Review  debts. Almost everyone knows that debts are bad for them, but do they really realize exactly how much of their potential income is being sapped away willingly from their pockets? Just think about all your debt payments that you have. Now think about how much you would have if instead of paying off debts with that money you invested it. You would already be a millionaire! Getting rid of debts is extremely important!

The 21st Century Academy outlines 8 steps that are necessary to take to become a millionaire. The first step that Jamie McIntyre recommends is start saving money. Without savings you can never hope to achieve your financial goals. The second step in the 21st Century Academy is to sell unnecessary items from your household. Tax minimization is the third step. Step number four is increasing your income by 10%. The fifth step is to consider borrowing money to invest. Jamie also has found that equity is important in reaching the financial goals that you've always dreamed of. You can also use family member's equity if you have none of your own. The last step is to use superannuation to your advantage.

All of these steps and tricks are fully explained at the 21st Century Academy run by Jamie McIntyre. If you are not following these principles to bring in and save money then you are missing out on millions that you could have already owned. Don't wait any more! Follow the Academy to nearly endless wealth!There's a new International focus on “cutting back” your monthly expenses to help make ends meet. This concept is severely flawed and economically dangerous!


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Written by Steffan Devin



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