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If you’re a resident in Abbotsford or you live near this city, then you may certainly need quick and quality healthcare services for your pets! Now, search no more! Glenn Mountain is here for you with 100% trusted veterinarians that provide excellent services to your pets! Glenn Mountain is a full-service animal hospital in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The vets are always ready to provide both urgent treatments and surgical, dental, as well as other types of medical care. The whole staff is trusted as they have years of work and study experience treating critical issues and providing pets with regular health care. Apart from offering first-class pet care, Glenn Mountain also takes care of making the atmosphere friendly and welcoming. It is because the vets aim to give no stress to animals. Your pets can rest in the waiting room of this animal hospital in Abbotsford while waiting for the veterinarian assigned to them.

Glenn Mountain is considered to be the best Animal Hospital Abbotsford that is devoted to giving the most suitable veterinary medicine. They’ve confidence in treating all pets like they owned them, and giving them similar loving attention as well as care. This Animal Hospital Abbotsford has a trustworthy staff with expert ideas, extremely trained, and experienced in the animal department. These vets have tremendous love towards animals and devotedly show it via their best care and attention!

At this Vet Hospital Abbotsford, the vets offer a wide-spectrum of services to keep their pets healthy no matter how complex his/her condition is. Therefore, here are a few of the top veterinary services for your lovely animal. The experts offer Digital X-Ray which is used when vets want to examine your pet to find any severe issues that can be disturbing his health. Micorchipping is another services offered by them. It is a perfect pet identification method to recognize your pets if they get missing, lost, or run away from home. Pet nutrition is also one of many services offered by this team. Thanks to this service, your animal gets the right food and avoids many health problems in future. What’s more? Vaccinations are also offered here. Vaccines play a great role in any animal’s life. Protect your dog and cat now by bringing them to this Vet Hospital Abbotsford and rest assured that they get the right vaccines to avoid many deadly diseases. Emergency veterinary services are also at your disposal at Glenn Mountain. The vets offer a compassionate veterinary care in conditions of cuts, trauma, poisoning, lacerations, and so on. Just trust them and they will upgrade your animal’s health.

 See what are you thinking about? A visit to Glenn Mountain would make your pet’s life better and more enjoyable! You and your pet will always enjoy the atmosphere of this clinic whenever you visit it. By providing the best care, these experts aim to maximize the quality and life of your animal companion. Hurry up to bring your lovely furry friend here and get the quality services at Glenn Mountain today


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Glenn Mountain Animal Hospital is a Veterinary Hospital serving Abbotsford, BC and offers Emergency care. Call 604-852-3030 to schedule an appointment today!



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