How Can I Make My Home More Livable While Being Confined at Home?

Even though much of the country has begun to open, many companies and organizations are still allowing their employees to remain home and work remotely. At first, many people that have undergone quarantine were kind of excited about the concept of working from home and not having to contend with the daily routine of traffic. All was great for a while, but those that were new to the concept of working from home began to understand the reality this type of living.

The walls can feel as though they are closing in when your workplace and your home life come together. However, there are ways to cope. If you are currently in a work/home reality and feeling a little closed in, here are some things you can do to make it all work better together.

Set Hours (If Possible)

When you work from home, boundaries are essential. When going to the office, you have set hours. Whether you have a freer work environment or a strict 9 to 5 job, you will have certain times you are at the office. The same concept should be maintained at your home office. Develop a routine and let the rest of the family know what that routine is. Get up at a certain time, go to bed at a specific time, and most importantly, set your hours for when you will be in your office. It might sound like a small, and sometimes impossible thing, but it is little things like this that will make a positive impact on your ability to work from home.

Devote a Space

Having extra rooms in a home is something that not every homeowner can do. Families grow, and extra rooms end up as bedrooms or hobby rooms. While you are in your home working, remember, you need a devoted space to conduct business. Consider combining bedrooms of children or reconstructing your hobby room, man cave, den, or any other room you have in your home that might become an office space. Even if you do not have a devoted room, set up an office somewhere. Space saving desks that fold into a wall can be very helpful in a home or apartment where space is limited. Devoting a space gives you the ability to disconnect with family life and focus on work.


This is the perfect time to get rid of things you do not need. We have all been guilty of collecting items and simply placing them in a corner to collect dust. Go through your home room by room and get rid of things you do not need. You will find that decluttering your home is not only good for your house and family but will also make you feel good and a bit freer. Even if you are not insistent on getting rid of items, consider placing them in a storage unit. Storage units have become affordable and can substantially help declutter your home without having to get rid of your valued possessions.

Make an Oasis

When you primarily stay at home, as many entertainment options are currently closed, cabin fever becomes very apparent. Even though you cannot go out of the house, apart from essential needs, you can still feel as though you are on a sort of vacation. With a little help from a few DIY tutorials, you can transform an outdoor space into an oasis. A fire pit is a good place to start. Fire pits are easy to build or buy and allow for families to spend time roasting marshmallows, relaxing together, or even cooking outdoors, depending on your design. Some ideas for seating around the fire can be simple benches, porch style swings, or even a circle of hammocks.

It does not matter what type of oasis you create, even if it is just a small, comfortable space in your home. The point is to find something outside or inside your home that makes you feel like you are away from it all. It might be a while before vacation spots are free to open and patrons feel safe going to them, so take care of your mental health by making your own oasis right at your home.

You probably will not work from home your entire life. For some people, it is a welcomed change, but for others, working from home can present problems. No matter the case, we are all having to adapt to life and the new normal we are experiencing. Take these tips and let your home be your office while remaining comfortable. You can enjoy working from home provided you take steps to make it happen. Embrace your family and enjoy your time together. It will not last forever.


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Written by Eva Prada

Eva is a writer with a passion for life stories. Life-long native of South Florida, USA, enjoys the outdoors, good food and long walks, preferably on the beach.


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