Brand Identity and SEO: How to Become a Preferred Brand

Search Engine Optimization is not just gravy; it is the key ingredient of a successful website. A successful website for a brand means more buyers and potential customers. The higher up in the results your brand page is, your leads are more likely to become loyal customers.


Webpages optimized for SEO are simply pages with forward URLs, and images that match the criteria and fulfill the guidelines of different search engines, appearing in their top feed. Search Engine Optimization largely revolves around finding the right words; also known as keywords.

These keywords are essential in your brand identity, as any user searching something might come to know your website as the primary source for those keywords. For example, Wikipedia page creation agency for creating Wikipedia pages and writing exquisite content.


Your keywords become synonymous with your brand. However, users conduct these searches in their “Micro-Moments” as suggested by google. Micro-Moments are dire moments of need when a user feels the urge to want, do or know something immediately. Google categorizes these into four different sets

  • Want-to-buy moments
  • Want-to-know moments
  • Want-to-go moments
  • Want-to-do moments

Notice how the “want-to-buy” tops the chart out of all those moments. People are running into problems every day, and suddenly they feel the urge to find something on google that solves their problem. For example, finding proper tire treads in rainy days when a car is all the more lenient towards slipping.

This does not only solidify the importance of SEO optimization in brand identity, but also suggests possible utilization of these keywords in key moments. Keywords being “tire treads” and key moment being the rainy days.


Statistically proven, current generation is more likely to buy something online rather than venture towards an outlet or a store. SEO optimization for a brand or website is a sooner, rather than later type of thing. Like mentioned earlier, it is the core ingredient and not just seasoning for your brand’s identity. They keywords you use, and the key moments you exploit won’t only become one and the same as you brand, but also give your brand a “problem solver” image.



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