How to Fix WordPerfect Macros Stopped Working Issues

WordPerfect is one of 5the most renowned Word Processing program owned by Corel. The application gained its popularity in the ’80s and ’90s with its premium Word Processing applications. It remains a dominant leader in the digital market and replaces earlier top players in the field “WordStar.” Sometimes while working on WordPerfect, users face several issues such as “macros stopped working” or not responding issues.

     Source: How to Fix WordPerfect Macros Stopped Working Issues

If you are among those who are facing such issues, then follow these troubleshooting methods as this article helps you lot in this regard:

Resolving Shortcut Related Issues

Check that the macros are present on your WordPerfect, if yes, then hit the tab “Macros.” This option will be located at the View button.

  • Now a new dialog pane related to Macros will open.
  • Next, modify the available Macros to the “Normal—dotm template” through the drop-down menu.
  • In case a list of macros expands on your device, then hit any of them.
  • After that, tap on Edit to insert macro editor in a relevant page having the macro code shows on the right-hand side panel.
  • Now, hit all the available macros as you have done earlier. If you are able to view all the macros on your device, then the issue must come within the shortcuts.
  • Next, launch the Options dialog pane and then hit the Customized item there located inside the left-hand side section.
  • After that, press the keyboard shortcuts customizing tabs located at the lowermost section of the right panel.
  • Go to the Customize Keyboard dialog pane and then check that the “Save Changes” pull drop option is set to “Normal.dotm.”
  • After that, scrolls down the categories section and search for the Macros option. Once found, hit on it to proceed.
  • Navigate towards the right-hand side section and see that the macros are listed. If yes, then hit each of them and see the Current Keys section there. You will view shortcuts that will be displayed on your screen.  In case it’s not showing inside the box, tap the “Press New Shortcut” related key pane.
  • At last, hit your desired shortcut and then tap on the Assign option. If required, repeat the same procedure for other macros too.

 Re-Attaching Usual Template

In case you are still facing macros issues, then it is directed to attach a normal template to the application. If you wish to check that the normal template is attached to your device, then you can do so by hitting the Developer tab. If the answer is No, then it is recommended to re-attach the normal template to WordPerfect and make sure that the issue has gone. If not, then follow the next method.

Transferring Macros File to Default Macro Folder

  • In the beginning, launch Windows Explorer on PC.
  • Then, type “C: Program_Files_HotDocs_Player_Source._(WP_version)_Macros.”
  • Now, you will see various macros files. Then copy all the available files to the Macros folder.
  • Next, re-launch your WordPerfect.
  • Go to the Tools tab.
  • Then, hit the Settings section.
  • Now, press the tab Files Next.
  • After that, hit the Merge option and navigate to the Macro tab and then hit on it.
  • Here you have to note down the location (path) of your default Macro folder.
  • Now, expand the default macro folder of WordPerfect into Windows Explorer.
  • Then, paste the path of macro files into your expanded macro folder.
  • Hit the option “Tools.”
  • Now, press on the Options tab.
  • After that, open the folder of Word Processor.
  • Select the WordPerfect edition and make sure that the folder path correctly matches the path that you have seen earlier.

Running PC Repair Tool or Antivirus

If the issue is still arising related to macros, then it is recommended to run a trusted antivirus program or PC repair application on your device.

PC repair software fixes various issues such as malware-infected drive, disk, or internal storage. Run the antivirus safely and remove all the issues that are detected after scanning.

Note: In case, the issue still exists after following the above mentioned instructions, then your PC might be corrupted and in this case, it needs replacement with a new one.

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