9 Best Content Marketing tools to boost your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is one of the most essential activities required for the success of businesses. However, given the competition utilizing the scopes of content marketing is in itself a very tough job. In a survey of Businesses, it was revealed that organizations with the best content marketing strategies make use of tools and technology. In the world of smart working and efficiency, using tools to improve blog content writing and content writing services is what adds an edge to your content. 

Let us find out the 9 Best Content Marketing tools that can boost your Content Marketing Strategy in no time.

  • BuzzSumo- for content ideas

Blog content writing is all about writing something worth reading. When you are into content writing services or generate content regularly for your business, finding a relevant topic that would interest your target audience becomes a big deal. BuzzSumo is a tool that becomes crucial. The tool not only finds what your competitors are writing about but also enlightens you about what is trending in your industry. 

  • Ubersuggest- for keyword research

To rank on the search engine and be visible to your target audience Search Engine Optimization plays a very big role. And to do the SEO right, you must find the right keywords. Ubersuggest helps you find keywords that you can target, based on your industry,  density, search volume, and more. 

  • Grammarly- readability, grammar, and perfect spellings

One of the basic requirements of a good blog content writing is perfect grammar and no spelling mistakes. However easy it may sound,  silly typing mistakes,  use of colloquial language is a common sight that ruins the image of the blog. Grammarly is an easy to use tool that identifies the mistakes in a blog and suggests you correct them. If you wanted to know the secret behind the perfect grammar of the content writing services, you have found it. 

  • Copyscape- for keeping plagiarism at bay

Content writing services are taken mainly for search engine optimization. Along with keyword optimization and many other writing guidelines, one of the most important things to maintain on a website is plagiarism free content. Plagiarism can take down the website ranking and which is why confirming the uniqueness of every content you upload becomes necessary. Copyscape is one of the best tools used popularly for checking plagiarism.

  • Canva- for impressive cover designs

Blog content writing doesn't just involve words,  to make it capturing images play a very important role. Canva is a free online tool that makes editing pictures an easy thing. No one needs to be a designer to use Canva,  its simplicity is what makes Canva do popular and loved. 

  • Hootsuite- for auto-scheduling on social media

Unfortunately, content writing services do not end with completing a blog and adding a few pictures. It only begins there as it is only after content development that content marketing starts. One of the most important marketing channels is social media. Hootsuite is an online tool that allows you to do automatic posting on various social media channels at convenient timings to get an optimum response. 

  • Ahrefs- to learn the secrets of competitors and beat them

This is one important tool to keep a check on your competitors and know what keywords they are targeting.

  • MailChimp- for perfect email marketing

MailChimp helps you with email marketing and sending newsletters created by content writing Services.

  • Trello- for organized collaboration between the content development team

Most companies have a content team. Trello is a tool that allows the team to work in a more organized way. It lets you create storyboards,  conceptualize, and help in faster and more efficient execution of blog content writing.

Although blog writing looks easy,  it is not. Relying on professional content writing services of BiggContent saves you from the entire process and lets you concentrate on your main business without compromising on quality.


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Written by Priyanka Yadav

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