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Getting your attic properly insulation is not a choice, it is necessity. Think about it – your attic loses a ton of heat. This means that even if you have a good amount of insulation in your walls and all the other places, you would still not have a properly insulated home. Insulating your attic is not going take a lot of time or effort or even money! You can simply call a Santa Monica insulation company and they would set it up in no time without charging you a fortune. But, as a homeowner, you would need to take certain calls yourself.

One of the most important things to decide is what kind of insulation would you want for your attic. Two of the most popular choices are blown-in and radiant barrier. Both of them are good enough for the Santa Monica weather. But there are certain factors that you would need to consider to choose the perfect one. So, let us take a quick look at both of them to know which would be the right choice for you.

Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in Insulation, as the name suggests, is a type of insulation which is blown-in with the help of pipes. This allows it to fit in even the tightest of wall cavities, thereby giving you a better insulation performance. Most of the people looking to get attic insulation in Santa Monica, prefer this for the following reasons:

  • It helps to lower energy bills
  • It helps to enhance the overall efficiency of your AC
  • It also protects against water infiltration and moisture issues
  • It makes your home more comfortable, all year round
  • You get efficient noise reduction between different levels of your home. This is perfect for homeowners who use their attic as a bedroom or a workspace

Radiant Barrier

Radiant barrier is highly efficient in keeping the heat out. This is what makes it perfect for sunny climates, like the one you get in Santa Monica and its neighborhoods. Most of the heat is absorbed by the roof of your home during the summers. This particular type of insulation helps to reflect all of that heat, thereby keeping your home cool.

It consists of specially made foils, which are designed to reflect maximum of the heat. It is a bit more cost effective than blown-in insulation, as you would only have to insulate your roof and parts of the attic which gets direct sunlight. You can easily get the services of a professional insulation contractor in Santa Monica to know more about the benefits it would give in your specific case.

So, which is the right one? Well, there is no answer that fits all. It all depends on the unique requirements of your home. You need to do a proper insulation analysis and then choose the right one based on the findings. So, contact the right people and get the right solutions for our attic insulation.


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