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BOC Sciences Announces Featured PROTAC Design Services to Meet New Drug Discovery Goals

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BOC Sciences is a comprehensive preclinic-stage pharmaceutical company pioneering drug discovery and research. After years of commitment in this field, BOC Sciences announced today that they can provide concrete and productive PROTAC design services to global customers to meet new drug discovery goals. With a comprehensive and advanced platform, their services range from ligand design and synthesis for E3 ligase & target protein to PROTAC diastereomer design.


“Recent years witnessed the great efforts we have made to develop the PROTAC platform to provide research tools for small molecules targeting the so-called “undruggable” drugs.” Said the Marketing Manager at BOC Sciences, “to further solidify the leading position in drug discovery and better help our customers in the process of new drug development, we are offering comprehensive PROTAC design and synthesis services for domestic and international clients.”


PROTACs (proteolysis targeting chimeras) are heterobifunctional degraders that can specifically remove targeted proteins via the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway, a natural protein degradation pathway in cells. Contrary to protein inhibition, this technology benefits from the cell's own protein degradation pathway to specifically remove labeled proteins. PROTAC technology has emerged as a potent tool to rapidly and reversibly deplete endogenous proteins involved in many diseases and the first targeted protein degraders in clinic use further add its appeal in the drug discovery landscape.


As a leading service provider in drug development and research, BOC Sciences offers a series of professional PROTAC design and synthesis services. For instance, BOC Sciences can design and synthesize ligands for E3 ligase and for target protein as well as Linker that ranges from 12 carbon to more than 20 carbon in length. Besides, the scientists have successfully achieved molecular docking for protein-ligand, virtual screening, protein structure modeling, and other activities related to PROTAC design based on bioinformatics methods.


Additionally, the company can perform structural modifications to optimize pharmacological properties and other similar drug properties by using its cutting-edge chemical structure modification platform. Detailed modifications will be determined by the specific properties of the PROTAC molecule and clients’ requirements which could be hydrogen bonding, polar surface area, lipophilicity, shape, molecular weight, reactivity, pKa. Moreover, the PROTAC diastereomer design (negative control) service is also available at BOC Sciences because the design of diastereomer as a negative control is necessary for the study of PROTAC.


About BOC Sciences

As a leading manufacturer and service provider in the field of drug discovery and research, BOC Sciences is fully competent and dedicated to serving one-stop Proteolysis Targeting Chimeric (PROTAC) based molecular drug discovery which has become a promising strategy in the area of drug discovery. With a comprehensive and advanced platform, the company provides PROTAC services and related products to customers around the world to meet new drug discovery goals.


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