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BOC Sciences August Promotion: Comprehensive Labeled Peptides with Stable Quality

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As a pioneer in stable isotopic labeling chemistry, BOC Sciences develops a large variety of SIL compounds. Its promotion of labeled peptides, the increasingly used materials for convenient detection in research, is on the boil in August.  


BOC Sciences has produced hundreds of custom labeled peptides with stable isotopes of 2H (deuterium), 15N, and 13C. They are widely applied for food safety, metabolomics, proteomics, and other fields.


It's noteworthy that in quantitative proteomics, the use of isotopically labeled peptides can achieve accurate quantification of one or more target proteins. “Compared with their non-labeled counterparts, our stable isotope labeled peptides display identical physiochemical properties and chemical reactivity. However, under certain conditions, the minute mass difference makes labeled and unlabeled peptides behave differently, enabling their extensive applications in quantification analysis,” the BOC Sciences technician says.


Prompted by the everlasting belief of “Quality Forever”, BOC Sciences uses highly enriched stable amino acids that are of ideal isotopic purity to synthesize SIL peptides. All stable isotope labeled peptides undergo mass spectrometric analysis and stringent analytical HPLC to establish the final purity. Moreover, BOC Sciences has carried out consistent inspections of all the delivered products.


In addition to the weighty attention attached to quality assurance, BOC Sciences also focuses on the improvement in services which significantly raises customer experience. It ships products with the topmost trusted international shipping companies and enables customers to track the package throughout the transit and delivery time. The fast, reliable, and secured delivery greatly frees buyers from risks caused by logistics issues.


Another competitive force of BOC Sciences SIL peptides results from the vast R&D network distributed globally, which is the major source of its continuous innovation. “My colleagues from worldwide famed research institutions and multidisciplinary fields keep rejuvenating the enterprise, which makes what we are today,” the technician added.


The years of success also relies on closely communicating with customers and understanding their needs and budgetary constraints so that the tailored package could be offered at optimal prices that are very competitive in the market.


The important attributes described above have enabled BOC Sciences to successfully respond to the ever-changing market of stable isotope labeled compounds. Competition in the stable isotopic labeling chemistry is becoming increasingly fierce. Can BOC Sciences resume its prosperity? Time will tell.



BOC Sciences is an innovator and manufacturer of stable isotope labeling materials in the industry. With leading technologies and strict quality inspections, it greatly satisfies the market demand for stable isotope labeled compounds, advanced intermediates, final pharmaceutical substances, bioactive substances, and metabolites.



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