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BOC Sciences Optimizes PROTAC Platform to Boost Related Research

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BOC Sciences optimizes its PROTAC platform of protein degradation technology to boost PROTAC research and development. PROTAC technology can not only transform non-drug targets into feasible drug targets but also resolve the problem of drug resistance of existing targets. Based on the upgraded PROTAC platform, BOC Sciences can optimize proteolysis targeting chimeric molecules, perform ligase engineering and production, and carry out the biological evaluation.


PROTAC, or proteolysis targeting chimera, is a bifunctional molecule that degrades disease-related target proteins by hijacking the ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS). Structurally, PROTAC consists of a linker and two warheads, one of which recruits the E3 ligase and the other binds to the target protein. PROTAC has been proved to possess multiple advantages over traditional small molecule inhibitors. On the one hand, PROTAC is recyclable, non-immunogenic, and highly effective. On the other hand, the mechanism of PROTAC does not require a specific region on targets for drugs to bind, which can broaden the circle of druggable targets. Consequently, PROTAC has become a focus in the field of novel drug development, attracting great attention from pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions around the world.


To speed the next-generation drug research and development, BOC Sciences offers a series of integrated PROTAC services with its mature protein degradation technology and proprietary PROTAC platform, covering every aspect of PROTAC development, from ligand identification to biological evaluation. According to the specific objectives of customers, BOC Sciences can custom synthesize PROTAC molecules, establish analytical methods, and carry out biological evaluation. The expert team can help researchers optimize the site of linkage, the linker, and the E3 ligand of the PROTAC based on their deep expertise and experience.


The marketing director at BOC Sciences said: “The PROTAC technology is undergoing great advancement as it has a great potential in the perspective of cancer therapy. BOC Sciences provides you with complete, single-source solutions for drug discovery products and services. We can even further proceed with the R&D of the potential PROTAC molecule by facilitating our comprehensive services including target protein services, custom protein expression & purification, PROTAC in vitro and in vivo evaluation.”


About BOC Sciences

As a leading manufacturer and service provider in the field of drug discovery and research, BOC Sciences is fully competent and dedicated to serving one-stop Proteolysis Targeting Chimeric (PROTAC) based molecular drug discovery which has become a promising strategy in the area of drug discovery. With a comprehensive and advanced platform, we provide PROTAC services and related products to customers around the world to meet new drug discovery goals.



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