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BOC Sciences: Peptides Open New Path toward Osteoporosis Treatment

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BOC Sciences declares that some of its peptide products have been proven applicable for osteoporosis treatment, which is a significant contribution to the therapeutic areas.


Bone tissue engineering and the research surrounding peptides have expanded significantly over the last few decades. Several peptides have been shown to support and stimulate the bone healing response and have been proposed as therapeutic vehicles for clinical use. BOC Sciences, the specialist in peptide innovation and production, recently addressed its multiple peptide options to support progress in osteoporosis drug research.


BOC Sciences has a series of peptides that can be utilized to inhibit bone resorption or promote bone formation. For instance, its calcitonin, a short peptide consisting of 32 amino acids secreted by parafollicular cells of the thyroid, has already been used in some peptide drugs for people with osteoporosis, especially for those with painful symptoms. When prescribed to osteoporosis patients, calcitonin inhibits bone resorption, resulting in increased bone mass.


BOC Sciences' calcitonin is produced based on its years of accumulation in peptide technologies. The technical advisor highlighted, “our calcitonins, as well as any other peptide products, are manufactured in compliance with global regulations and standards.” Up to now, much more work on quality control has been carried out by the BOC Sciences expert team to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of peptides, which will protect its good name as a trusted supplier.


In addition to the in-stock peptides (calcitonin, calcitonin human, abaloparatide, etc.), BOC Sciences has also employed its synthetic abilities to design a large number of custom products, which can fill in the gaps between the boom of osteoporosis research and the shortage of high-quality peptide materials.


More features and advantages of its peptide products:

  • Optimal Prices: rock-bottom prices offered to partners
  • Commercialization: large-scalemanufacturing suites that handle commercial batches
  • Prompt Delivery: warehouses in multiple cities to ensure timely delivery
  • Flexible Packages: quantities available from milligrams to tons


In-depth investigations are underway at BOC Sciences to shed more light on the R&D of peptides for osteoporosis research. With further advances in peptide type, stability, and effectiveness, new treatment modalities for bone repair will emerge soon.



With a long-term experience in peptide manufacturing, synthesis, and analysis, BOC Sciences has gained fame in providing a series of peptides for diverse therapeutic areas, for instance, research on osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and HIV.




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