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BOC Sciences Proudly Declares High PseudoUridine Productivity

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BOC Sciences, well known as the largest supplier of pseudoUridine in the world, announces that its yearly output currently surpasses 500 kg, indicating reliable efficiency and high productivity.


Along with the explosion of the COVID-19 pandemic, many vaccine companies have collaborated with BOC Sciences to obtain necessary materials such as pseudoUridine and its derivatives. PseudoUridine is universally acknowledged as the most abundant modification of RNA. It may exert influence on the structure, location, function, and half-life of RNAs. For example, pseudoUridine can enhance rRNA processing and contribute to decoding in tRNA.


BOC Sciences has devoted enormous resources to generating a complete list of pseudoUridine products including modified pseudoUridine, isotope-labeled pseudoUridine, phosphate pseudoUridine, and phosphoramidite pseudoUridine. Vaccine manufacturers and biopharmaceutical companies can acquire guaranteed materials from this list.


There are four naturally-occurring modified pseudoUridines (m1Ψ, m3Ψ, Ψm, and m1acp3Ψ) produced by derivatization of the hydroxy group on ribose or amino in the uracil base of pseudoUridine. Although each of them plays various roles in RNAs, some common merits like thermodynamical stability enhancement are evidenced after profound investigation. With a long period of devotion, BOC Sciences grows to be confident in providing massive naturally-occurring pseudoUridines. Besides, its technology has evolved to the chemical synthesis of modified pseudoUridines which would meet diverse research requirements.


BOC Sciences also displays the competence to conduct 15N stable isotope labeling of pseudoUridine at the helix 69 of Escherichia coli 23S rRNA, which is beneficial to study the dynamics and interactions of RNA segments with either the ribosome or isolated ligands. Moreover, the 15N-labeled pseudoUridines of BOC Sciences reveal tremendous potential in practical applications especially when incorporated into oligonucleotides. They will assist in determining the structure of RNA, examining hydrogen-bonding interactions in RNA duplexes, as well as screening for small-molecule-RNA or RNA-RNA interactions.


BOC Sciences keeps a constant addition of competitive pseudoUridine products to satisfy distinct needs particularly to support mRNA vaccine production for COVID-19. mRNA vaccines, though having experienced a long history of development, still face the disadvantages of easy degradation and immediate immune response. Thankfully, BOC Sciences' pseudoUridine products offer an opportunity for mRNA modification and vaccine optimization. Up to now, nearly 7 vaccines for COVID-19 have employed various types of pseudoUridines, most of which are included in BOC Sciences' product list.


In face of a large demand for mRNA vaccine and its upstream materials during the pandemic, BOC Sciences exhausts its ability to enlarge pseudoUridine production capacity as well as to improve the quality. Consequently, its yield has excelled 500 kg per year, rising to be the solid backing for vaccine companies or biopharmaceutical companies, such as Moderna and Dicerna.


Features of pseudoUridines at BOC Sciences

  • High productivity
  • Rich in diversity
  • Competitive price
  • Tailored products


Please visit https://nucleotech.bocsci.com/ for more details about BOC Sciences' pseudoUridine products.


About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences is a famed producer of pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. In recent years, the expert team composed of many experienced technicians has been committed to providing pseudoUridine-related products with high efficiency and perfect quality. It benefits a large number of cooperative partners in vaccine development and thereby contributing to the combat against the epidemic.


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