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BOC Sciences Upgrades Its Supply Chain of Amino Acid and Peptide Products

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BOC Sciences, a New York-based professional supplier of amino acid and peptide products and services, recently announced that it has upgraded its product chain to supply more types of amino acid and peptide products to meet the needs of its growing customers.

BOC Sciences has long been committed to providing a wealth of high-quality amino acids, peptides and resins for laboratory and scientific purposes, including custom synthesis of amino acids and peptides, and stable isotope labeling of amino acids. Its amino acid and peptide products can be used in clinical research, drug production, cell culture, medical nutrition and dietary supplements.

BOC Sciences’s rich and personalized products are manufactured in accordance with strict guidelines and accompanied by a complete certificate of analysis, they have been cited by many top peer-reviewed journals such as Nature, Cell and Science.

Amino Acids

A selection of natural amino acids and unnatural amino acids are available in BOC Sciences. It can supply amino acids with different configurations, including D-amino acids, L-amino acids and racemic amino acids. These various types of amino acids can be modified by different substituents, such as fluorinated amino acids, azido amino acids, alkynyl amino acids and so on.


Most of BOC Sciences's peptide products are available in stock, including functional peptides, peptide pharmaceutical raw materials, peptide inhibitors, cosmetic peptide raw materials, peptide synthesis reagents, etc. The functional peptide series includes antimicrobial peptides, catalog peptides, cell penetrating peptides and peptide linkers. The purity of the peptides produced by BOC Sciences reaches 95% or even more than 98%.


In addition to amino acids and peptides, BOC Sciences also produces raw materials for solid-phase peptide synthesis-resins. This series of products includes Wang resin, 2-chlorotrityl chloride resin, AM resin, MBHA resin, and Merrifield resins.

Customized Services

In order to meet the various needs of researchers, BOC Sciences offers customized synthesis services and related supporting services for various amino acid and peptide products that are not included in the existing product list. Besides, this company can also meet the needs of amino acid isotope labeling services and protein labeling services for click chemistry reactions and unnatural amino acid reactions.

Recently, BOC Sciences has registered to participate in the Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapy Conference (TIDES USA) to be held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in September 2021. The marketing manager from BOC Sciences said, “While we are upgrading our product chain, we are very honored to be invited to participate in the Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapy Conference. In the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe this conference will enable us to continue global communication among scientific communities.”

About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences has professional experts who focus on research in many fields such as pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and life sciences, providing high-quality products and services for scientists and researchers in the global academic and industrial circles. The high-quality amino acids, peptides and resins provided by BOC Sciences are accompanied by certificates of analysis, HPLC, mass spectrometry and HMNR.


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